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The Greatest Surprise (ビッグリバーサル! 悟空と18号のダブルストライク爆発! Daigyakuten! Goku to 18-go no nidan kogeki sakuretsu, lit. "The Big Reversal! Goku and No. 18′s Double-Strike Explosion") is the seventh episode of the Super 17 Saga and the forty-seventh overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. This episode first aired in Japan on June 4, 1997. Its original American air date was August 28, 2004.



Super 17 charges the Shocking Death Ball

The episode begins with Videl carrying Chi-Chi to the battle scene, but Chi-Chi is scared and complaining the whole way. They are being followed by Bulla and Bulma, and Bulma can not help but concentrate on how the Earth is changing. She wonders how they can return it to normal.

At the battle site, Dr. Myuu decides he has had enough of Goku. He has Super 17 prepare his Shocking Death Ball, and he launches it straight at Goku. Luckily Goku is smart enough to use Instant Transmission, and he comes up right behind and captures Super 17. Dr. Myuu declares the match to be a stalemate, but Goku reveals that he is ready to die to stop Dr. Myuu and Super 17. Super 17 tries to find a way to fight free, but Goku gathers the energy around him and turns himself into a bomb. A massive explosion fills the skies, and the Earth literally starts to shake.


Dr. Myuu braces himself as Goku attacks Super 17

Vegeta thinks that Goku has gone too far, and Chi-Chi's pot flies off her head and into Bulma's hovercar. When the battleground clears, Goku is back in his kid form laying on the ground in sheer exhaustion. Dr. Myuu thinks he has finally lost, but then Super 17 emerges from the water. He reveals that he had shielded himself, and that saved Goku's and his lives. Now he is ready to kill Goku, but help arrives.


Android 18 protects Goku

Android 18 arrives and stands in front of Goku. She says that if Super 17 fires, then he will destroy them both because she has a bomb in her chest. She rips her shirt and exposes her left breast sill covered with her bra. She also promises to avenge Krillin's death, and this gives Goku the strength he needs. She also mentions that Super 17 has changed, and she can never forgive him.


Goku destroying Super Android 17 with a Dragon Fist

Instead of firing on Android 18, Super 17 changes targets and destroy Dr. Myuu so he can make his own decisions. Goku and Android 18 are shocked, but then Android 18 decides to fire the Infinity Bullet at Super 17. Super 17 starts absorbing the Ki Blasts, and Goku tells her he will just absorb all of them. Then Goku realizes that Super 17 cannot defend himself when he absorbs the energy blasts, so he charges the android and punches him in the stomach. After one Dragon Fist to Super 17's stomach, Super 17 is damaged with the message that this is for Krillin. Goku ends it with Kamehameha, and Android 18 finally gets some peace.


Goku tells Videl and Chi-Chi that the battle is already over

While Vegeta praises Goku's efforts, Goku comforts Android 18 and points out that the original Android 17 won because he turned on Dr. Myuu and showed them the way to destroy him. Goku then points out that Krillin will be celebrating, and that Android 18 should be happy. Chi-Chi, Videl, Bulla, and Bulma arrive on the battlefield ready to fight the Android, but Goku tells them that the battle is already over, so Goku promises to gather the Dragon Balls to resurrect Krillin and stop the earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods that are occurring. They gather the entire gang together and gather the Dragon Balls, but the Dragon Balls are found to be cracked. They decide to try them anyway, and Goku senses an unknown evil. Smoke oozes from the Dragon Balls, coalescing into a large, blue dragon that none of the gang has ever seen before.

Major Events

  • Goku reverts back to his normal state after performing a large sacrificial attack.
  • Super 17 destroys Dr. Myuu.
  • Goku destroys Super 17 with help from Android 18.
  • Goku, Pan and Trunks gather the Dragon Balls but upon being used Black Smoke Shenron emerges.


  • Goku (Super Saiyan 4) vs. Super 17
  • Android 18 and Goku vs. Super 17







  • When Android 18 is insulting Super 17, her eyes are black instead of being blue.
  • The scene where Android 18 was on the ground and desperately goes to her husband's corpse after being overpowered from Android 17's energy blast in 17 Times 2, she was seen without her purple business suit jacket and her pearl necklace and was thought to be dead and it reveals in the same episode that she struggles herself to avenge her husband's death knowing of her survival from getting hit.
  • Near the end of the episode, Goku states the Dragon Balls can be used to revive Krillin, however, the Dragon Balls have previously revived him in Dragon Ball. He could have been referring to the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • This is the final appearance of Dr. Myuu, who gets killed by Super 17 in this episode.
    • This is also the final appearance of Bulla.


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