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This article is about the sixteenth original Dragon Ball Z anime volume. For the manga chapter, see The Ginyu Force (manga chapter). For the Manga Volume, see The Ginyu Force (manga). For the group of characters, see Ginyu Force.

Dragon Ball Z: The Ginyu Force is the sixteenth volume of the original Pioneer Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases. It includes three installments from the Namek Saga, episodes 47, 48, and 49. It was also included with the Namek Saga box set, which collected volumes 9-17.

Cover art

The cover features the members of the Ginyu Force - Guldo, Jeice, Captain Ginyu, Recoome, and Burter - standing from shortest to tallest on Planet Namek. This cover signifies the definitive stylish pose of the team as a unified militant unit, as they stand in a determined fashion.


  • Scramble for the Dragon Balls! - Krillin and Gohan are travelling to the Eldest Namek, but they fail to notice that Vegeta has begun to follow them! Meanwhile, the Ginyu Force is approaching Namek on a mission from Frieza...
  • Arrival of the Ginyu Force - Krillin and Gohan reach the Eldest Namek's hideout just as Vegeta catches up with them. The Eldest Namek senses the arrival of the Ginyu Force, so Krillin and Gohan decide to make a truce with Vegeta in order to protect the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Goku finally conquers the 100 Times Large Gravity setting and is ready for battle.
  • Elite Fighters of the Universe...The Ginyu Force - Frieza's Ginyu Force arrives on Namek! Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta reach Vegeta's hiding place for the rest of the Dragon Balls, when suddenly, the Ginyu Force appears in front of them! The Ginyu Force decides to have some fun – by challenging our heroes!


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