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"The Galactic Patrolman's Enforcement" (銀河パトロールの制裁 Ginga Patorōru no Seisai) is the fifth chapter of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.


The cover features Omori entering a supermarket as Jaco waits for him outside.


As Omori enters a supermarket to buy milk and cheese for Jaco, he tells Jaco to wait for him outside to which Jaco assures him he will in response. While Jaco waits outside to keep a low profile, Jaco hears a commotion going on with a group of bandits who are bothering a girl over some money. Unable to control himself and wait for Omori due to his instincts as a Galactic Patrolman, Jaco immediately leaves from waiting outside the supermarket and leaves to see the situation in person, quickly jumping in action when he spots the people stirring the commotion.

He quickly intervenes to save the young girl from the delinquents after noticing one of them striking her out of retaliation for punching one of them and quickly prepares to go into action as he will not accept a man raising his hands on a woman though out of clarification he asks if the young girl is really a woman to which she replies yes. Jaco quickly takes off his disguise and prepares to knock out the bandits to teach them a lesson for the good of the galaxy. As the bandits charge toward him, Jaco shows his incredible fighting skills and easily succeeds in knocking out them all, doing his signature pose after and saving the defenseless girl out of harm meanwhile Omori having finished buying the cheese and milk for Jaco, has left the supermarket to tell Jaco he wasn’t sure what type of cheese Jaco wanted, only to find out that Jaco is no longer around and has left.

Shortly afterwards policemen arrive and Jaco believing they are accomplices of the delinquents, attacks them and knocks them out as well. Omori finds Jaco and sees that Jaco has already knocked out two cops on the ground. Omori tells Jaco that they need to leave immediately knowing the seriousness of the situation and quickly grabs Jaco by the arm as he starts to run so they can avoid getting caught as the officers call for back up.

The two hide in an alley and Omori explains to Jaco that the last people he had knocked out were Earth policemen and now their situation has gotten a lot worser. The girl that Jaco saved from a group of bandits earlier quickly appears beside them when they are hiding and tells the two fugitives to follow her.




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