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"The Fourth Warrior" (せんふっかつ Senshi no Fukkatsu, lit. "A Warrior’s Revival") is the one hundred fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninety-ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Second Form Frieza crushing Gohan's head underneath his foot.


Krillin's Chain Destructo Disc Barrage

Having knocked Gohan to the ground, Frieza rests his foot on Gohan's head, ready to finish him off. He mockingly asks Vegeta whether he will save Gohan or not. Vegeta says he does not care, but wonders what he can do against Frieza's power. In the Medical Machine on Frieza's Spaceship, Goku senses Gohan's ki decreasing, and realizes that he can not wait until all his injuries are healed. As he is about to kill Gohan, Frieza senses something coming and jumps to dodge, but the end of tail is cut off by a Destructo Disc.

Shocked, Frieza looks in the direction the disk came from, and is stunned to see Krillin alive and well. Krillin unleashes a flurry of Destructo Disks, which Frieza manages to dodge. Frieza chases after, and manages to catch up to, Krillin. Realizing that Frieza is too strong for him, Krillin blinds Frieza with a Solar Flare and yells to Vegeta to attack. However, Vegeta is distracted, watching Dende heal Gohan on the ground below. Vegeta angrily asks why he was not told about Dende's power before, and an irritated Krillin replies that they did not know.

Revitalized, Gohan flies back into the battle, surprising Frieza. Gohan powers up, and Vegeta happily notes that his power level has increased. Just then, all the combatants sense something coming their way. Piccolo then arrives on the scene, apologizing for the wait. Gohan is ecstatic to see him.






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