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"The Flexing of Muscle Tower" (マッスルタワーの恐怖 Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu, lit. "The Terror of Muscle Tower") is the fifty-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku riding a vehicle through the snow.


While trying to figure out where Jingle Village Chief is, General White comes over the PA to ask what Goku wants. General White thinks that Goku has come from Jingle Village, and then invites him in. The guards on the second floor get permission to kill the boy, but fail. All this fighting makes Goku hot, so he takes off the winter gear. He heads up to the third floor. Both General White and Ninja Murasaki are impressed, but the ninja claims that although Major Metallitron will probably win, there is no way the intruder can get by his 4th floor command. Major Metallitron points out the stairs to the next level, and then states that Goku has to get past him first. Goku's early attacks leave him thinking that the Muscle Tower is not a challenge and yells out "Fighto" in victory. Major Metallitron makes a come back by grabbing Goku and starting to crush him, but Goku gets out of his grip and kicks him into the wall. However, Major Metallitron quickly recovers, bemusing Goku.






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