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"The Fist of the Sun" (天津飯あせる! Tenshinhan Aseru!, lit. "Tenshinhan Feels the Heat!") is the one hundred thirtieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Master Roshi in a van, yellow in color, with his three students (Yamcha, Goku, and Krillin). The cover art for this chapter is also featured in the Akira Toriyama - The World artbooks and Daizenshuu 1.


Goku and Tenshinhan repeatedly strike at each other in fast flurries, which the announcer says is too fast for them (the spectators) to see. Tenshinhan kicks at Goku, but Goku backflips out of the way, and then surrounds Tenshinhan with multiple afterimages. Tenshinhan can’t believe he’d actually use a Zanzōken at a time like this, as a Goku comes down from above toward Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan kicks at the Goku, while another Goku comes at Tenshinhan from behind. This Goku punches right through Tenshinhan, while the real Tenshinhan shows up behind this Goku and chops down at him. Tenshinhan punches right through this Goku, and, finally, the real Goku delivers a very hard kick to the face.

Kame-Sen’nin and Kuririn, along with Tsuru-Sen’nin and Chiaotzu, are all shocked at this, as Tenshinhan slowly makes his way back up. Tenshinhan’s pissed, and so he prepares to counter this. “Taiyō-Ken!!!” There’s a huge flash of light again, and Tenshinhan rushes over toward Goku to attack him now that he’s blinded. But Goku catches his fist with his left hand, and then punches Tenshinhan in the stomach with his right. Tenshinhan weakly asks how, and he looks up to see Goku wearing Kame-Sen’nin’s sunglasses.

Tenshinhan is down, and Goku takes the opportunity to walk over to give Kame-Sen’nin back his sunglasses. But, Tenshinhan suddenly gets back up at seven, and knees Goku in the face up against the wall. Goku hops back behind Tenshinhan; his face really hurts now. Tenshinhan insists he was only down because he was unprepared, as Kame-Sen’nin cries about his sunglasses getting broken. At that, Goku decides he’ll make him go down for real this time.

Kuririn thinks Kame-Sen’nin seems familiar without the shades, and Kame-Sen’nin yells at him to not worry about that at a time like this. Goku and Tenshinhan rush at each other and Goku jumps up and prepares to attack Tenshinhan from above. But then Goku suddenly freezes in place, and Tenshinhan strikes him hard, knocking him back down to the ring. Kame-Sen’nin’s surprised at that, as Goku slowly sits up and says, “Th… That’s dirty…!!” Tenshinhan wonders what he means as Tsuru-Sen’nin laughs to himself.






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