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"The Final Switch" (ギニュー敗れる!!! Ginyū Yabureru!!!, lit. "Ginyu is Defeated!!!") is the ninety sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninetieth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Gohan and Krillin on Namek, wearing Battle Armor.


Vegeta, aiming to kill Captain Ginyu (who is still in Goku's body), charges towards him as he lays on the ground. Goku, realizing what Ginyu is up to, sees his chance to get his body back. Goku manages to get in front of Ginyu as the change occurs, leaving the two of them back in their original bodies. Gohan quickly realizes what has occurred. However, as Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin discuss the current situation, Ginyu decides to try again at acquiring Vegeta's body. Goku once again realizes his plan, and throws a frog in front of the Body Change beam.

When the technique is over, everyone else is confused as to what has happened. Goku explains that Ginyu and the frog have changed places, ending the immediate threat. Vegeta wants to kill Ginyu in his new frog body, but Goku tells him not to. Vegeta relents, saying that living as a frog will be torture enough. He then says that he could kill the rest of them now, but that he will need their help for the battle against Frieza.

Realizing that Goku will have to be at full strength to fight Frieza, Vegeta leads him into Frieza's Spaceship. Goku is put inside a Medical Machine to recover. Vegeta then decides to give Gohan and Krillin Battle Armor like his, which Gohan says will feel weird.






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