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"The Final Match" (大決勝戦 Daikesshōsen, lit. "The Grand Finals") is the forty-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover page depicts Master Roshi driving a car while Goku flies atop the Flying Nimbus in the same direction.


Jackie Chun and Goku face off

Jackie Chun and Goku face off

Goku has moved up to the finals. As the World Martial Arts Tournament takes a brief intermission, Jackie Chun gives Nam a capsule to take water to his village. When Nam questions how Chun knew about his dilemma, he reveals that he is Master Roshi in disguise and can see into the hearts of others. He then goes on to tell him that he entered the tournament under the name Jackie Chun as a way to test Krillin and Goku. As the final of the tournament commences, Yamcha continues to badger Chun about being Roshi in disguise. Annoyed, he points towards the audience, with Roshi (really Nam repaying the favor) standing clear as day. Convinced, Yamcha allows Chun to go begin his match. That match starts, with the last panel showing Chun moving to attack his opponent.





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