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"The Final Blow" (クライマックス Kuraimakkusu, lit. "The Climax") is the fifty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku and Jackie Chun inside two rectangles facing each other. Goku is on the left and Jackie Chun is on the right.


As they both jump and kick each other, they both end up fainted on the ground and are both counted out the by the World Tournament Announcer. The announcer says that according to the rules, as there are no ties, that the first one to get up and say "Yep, I've won it." with a smile on their face will be declared the winner. Goku gets up first, but says only "Y...yep....I....wo....." before collapsing, to everyone's shock. Sentence fragments are not allowed, so they do not allow it. Jackie Chun then stands up and states "Yep, I've won it." with a smile on his face, and is declared the winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament.





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