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"The Fate of the Saiyans" (サイヤじん宿しゅくめい Saiya-jin no Shukumei) is the 76th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Goku hits Granolah

Vegeta and Granolah continue their battle within the old ruined city, with Granolah now having a clear advantage thanks to his evolved left eye. Vegeta reverts back to his base form, but stubbornly refuses to give up. Granolah becomes annoyed at his persistence and goes in for a killing blow but, before he can, he is struck by Goku in his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form. Goku vows to continue the fight, but Vegeta gets to his feet and unexpectedly roundhouse-kicks Goku into a nearby rock, angered at the thought of having this fight taken away from him. Vegeta then tells Goku that they had only ever fought together in the past when something needed protecting. Goku asks about his life which needs saving, though Vegeta scoffs at this and says he would rather die than team up with him.

Goku vs. Granolah

Unaware, Granolah charges in to strike a pressure point over Vegeta's heart, though Goku is able to save him in time by pushing him away using a Kiai. Granolah asks how he was able to react in time, with Goku saying that he now has a read on his vital targeting strategy and it will not work anymore. The two begin to battle with Granolah seemingly ending the fight fast with a pressure point attack to the back of Goku's neck. However, Goku attacks Granolah from behind, claiming that the same move will not work on him again. Granolah attempts another attack, but Goku is able to move his pressure points and counters with a punch. Goku says that he cannot dodge the attack completely, but is able to shift his pressure points enough to avoid fatal damage. Granolah praises his defensive ability, but claims that he will not surpass him as his attacking force is not up to par.

Vegeta stirs and once more gets to his feet, watching as Goku is sent crashing to the ground and drops out of Perfect Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta decides to take over, still not wanting to team up due to his supposed Saiyan pride. Vegeta realises that, as Granolah has only just received his new found power, he will soon reach his limit before fading and that will be his chance to achieve victory. He asks Goku to leave the fight to him, and Goku agrees.

Vegeta enters into his Ultra Ego state again, much to Granolah's shock, and the two continue their battle. Vegeta punches Granolah into the new city where the Sugarians live and Granolah pleads with him to take the fight elsewhere so the city is not damaged. Vegeta ignores the request and continues fighting. Vegeta taunts Granolah by saying that he cannot use his rapid-fire attacks in the city, but with Granolah stood directly over him and the city not in harm's way, Granolah lets loose on his opponent at point-blank range to finish the battle. Granolah collapses from exhaustion as a nearby wall falls down, showing a family in their home cowering in fear.

Granolah prepares a suicide attack

Granolah has a flashback of the Saiyan invasion of his home planet, recalling a time when he was a small child as he runs into a building where his mother awaits him. As he embraces his mother, the two turn in horror just as Granolah snaps back to reality and realises the situation he is now putting the Sugarians through. Vegeta tells Granolah that the Saiyans deserved to be punished but, by doing so, he is just repeating history.

Granolah becomes angry at Vegeta, refusing to give away his chance at exacting his revenge and uses a Kiai to hurtle Vegeta out of the city. Granolah approaches him and summons up all his power in a final, suicidal attempt to finish off Vegeta, stating that he will have to wait to get revenge on Frieza when they are both in Hell.

Vegeta voices his apologies to Beerus, acknowledging that he could not revert to the man he once was and that the power of a God of Destruction was beyond his scope. Goku, seeing the act from afar, rushes in as well as Monaito, who is carried forward on a spaceship piloted by Oatmeel. Goku tries to intervene, but the power of the attack stops him from getting closer. Monaito calls out to Granolah to stop, and the sudden distraction gives Goku the chance to knock Granolah to the ground, calling both him and Vegeta stupid. Monito leaves the ship and tells Granolah that he had lied to him as there was one Saiyan who did not earn his vengeance. Forty years ago, the man who had saved both Granolah and himself was none other than Bardock.


  • Vegeta (Ultra Ego/Base) vs. Granolah (Evolved)
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Granolah (Evolved)
  • Vegeta (Ultra Ego/Base) vs. Granolah (Evolved/Base)








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