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The Eyes of Tenshinhan (天下一のスーパーバトル!! Tenka’ichi no Sūpā Batoru!!, lit. "The World’s Greatest Super Battle!!") is the eleventh volume of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama. It was released on February 10, 1988 in Japan, and in May 2003 for the English version. It continues the Tien Shinhan Saga.

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image, featuring Akira Toriyama with his son

"This is the first time I’ve put up my photo in this section of a volume. This is me with my son, Sasuke. In putting up a picture of my son like this, it is of course true that I’m quite the doting parent, but it’s also a lifesaver, because it’s a bother always having to draw an illustration for this column. Maybe I’ll start doing this from now on, is my lazy idea. Next time, maybe I’ll use a photo of my cat Koge, or my dog Mato. Hmmm… This is nice and easy…"


Kuririn defeats Chiaotzu with a little simple math. Jackie forfeits his match to Tenshinhan, leaving Tenshinhan dumbfounded. Goku defeats Kuririn with his blinding speed. Goku and Tenshinhan begin their epic battle for the title of 22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai champion.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
121 "Kuririn's Master Plan"
Kuririn's Master Plan.jpg
  • Original Title: クリリンの大作戦 Kuririn no Daisakusen, lit. "Kuririn's Great Strategy"
122 "Goku vs. Panpoot"
Goku vs. Panpoot.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空参上!!! Son Gokū Sanjō!!!, lit. "Here's Son Goku!!!"
123 "Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun"
Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun.jpg
  • Original Title: 実力伯仲!! Jitsuryoku Hakuchū!!, lit. "Evenly Matched!!"
124 "Young Tenshinhan"
Young Tenshinhan.jpg
  • Original Title: 若き天津飯 Wakaki Tenshinhan, lit. "Young Tenshinhan"
125 "Goku vs. Kuririn"
Goku vs. Kuririn.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空対クリリン!! Son Gokū Tai Kuririn!!, lit. "Son Goku vs Kuririn!!"
126 "Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 2"
Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 2.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空強し!! Son Gokū Tsuyoshi!!, lit. "Son Goku The Mighty!!"
127 "Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 3"
Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 3.jpg
  • Original Title: クリリンの作戦、悟空の作戦 Kuririn no Sakusen, Gokū no Sakusen, lit. "Kuririn's Strategy, Goku's Strategy"
128 "Goku vs. Tenshinhan"
Goku vs. Tenshinhan.jpg
  • Original Title: 天下一のスーパーバトル!! Tenkaichi no Sūpā Batoru!!, lit. "The World's Greatest Super Battle!!"
129 "The Volleyball Play"
The Volleyball Play.jpg
  • Original Title: 排球拳と戦闘パワー Haikyūken to Sentō Pawā, lit. "The Haikyū-Ken and Fighting Power"
130 "The Fist of the Sun"
The Fist of the Sun.jpg
  • Original Title: 天津飯あせる! Tenshinhan Aseru!, lit. "Tenshinhan Feels the Heat!"
131 "Tsuru-Sen'nin"
  • Original Title: 天津飯、苦悩! Tenshinhan, Kunō!, lit. "Tenshinhan, in Anguish!"
132 "The Arms Race"
The Arms Race.jpg
  • Original Title: 鶴仙人の怨念気功砲!! Tsurusennin no Onnen Kikōhō!!, lit. "Tsuru-Sen'nin's Curse, the Kikōhō!!"


  • Krillin vs. Chiaotzu
  • Goku vs. Pamput
  • Tien Shinhan vs. Master Roshi (Jackie Chun)
  • Goku vs. Krillin
  • Goku vs. Tien Shinhan

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