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The Evolution of Planet Cereal (シリアルせいせん Shiriaru-sei no Sen'i) is the 69th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Granolah on Cereal

Granolah arrives at his home planet, which is now inhabited by the Sugarians. The Sugarians treat Granolah as one of them, but Granolah refuses to live in their city, as he feels the planet now belongs to them. He now lives in the mountains, with a view of the Cerealians' former city, now destroyed. Forty years prior, the planet was left in ruins after a group of Saiyans led by Bardock attacked. Following this, the Heeters appeared and rebuilt the planet before selling it to the Sugarians, who had previously lost their own planet to an unknown catastrophe.

Meanwhile, Beerus questions Vegeta about the Saiyans' destructive history. Vegeta doesn't understand how this relates to learning a technique used by the Gods of Destruction. Beerus shows off his powers and destroys a decorative planet, then tells Vegeta that, if he doesn't let the sins of his race go, he will never be able to wield the power of destruction. Beerus reveals to Vegeta that he was the one who told Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta, causing Vegeta to get angry and attack Beerus using his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state. Beerus effortlessly dodges Vegeta's attack before hitting his armor with a Hakai, destroying part of it. With Vegeta defeated by Beerus once again, the God of Destruction tells him that his limitless strength comes from his focus on destruction, and that to grow stronger, Vegeta must rebuild himself from scratch as "before creation... comes destruction".

At the Heeter's Base, Elec uses Seven-Three to view memories of the Galactic Bandit Brigade interrogating Zuno and learns of the existence of the Dragon Balls. Reminded of the Namekian race, Elec mentions that there is a lone Namekian named Monaito that still lives on Cereal with Granolah.

Granolah and Monaito

Back on Cereal, Granolah arrives at his home where he sees Monaito. During a conversation, the elderly Namekian advises Granolah not to seek revenge against Frieza, as he is not strong enough. Granolah suggests using the planet's own set of Dragon Balls in order to grant a wish for strength, but knows that he is unable to as he requires a second Dragon Ball in order to summon the Dragon. Monaito once again advises Granolah to enjoy the life he has right now and forget about revenge, and Granolah reluctantly agrees.

However, as night rolls by, Granolah, whilst watching TV, learns on the news that the second Dragon Ball has been found by a young boy and is currently being studied at an institute. Donning a disguise, Granolah heads into the city, sneaks into the institute and steals the Dragon Ball before escaping back into the mountains. There, he summons the wish-granting Dragon, Toronbo, declaring that he wishes to become the strongest warrior in Universe 7.

Major Events

  • Vegeta learns Beerus was the one who told Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta.
  • The Heeters learn of the Dragon Balls and how they connect to Frieza's revival.
  • It is revealed Planet Cereal has a set of Dragon Balls.
    • Monaito is the last Namekian on Planet Cereal, as the rest died.
  • It is revealed that Namekians come from another realm and may exist on other planets.







  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Beerus


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