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The End of the Tale (悟空の大変身, Gokū no Daihenshin) is the twenty-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. Its anime counterpart is the first half of the episode "The Legend of Goku".


The cover page features Great Ape Goku with Goku's martial arts clothes. The background is the same as the previous: Pilaf's Castle and the full moon.


Great Ape Goku destroys Pilaf's Castle

The chapter begins with Goku (as a Great Ape) rampaging through the castle, destroying anything and everything. Seeing their chance to escape, the gang makes a run for it, while Emperor Pilaf and his henchmen get away in a plane. However, Goku throws one of the castle's towers at the plane, sending it straight into the ground. Goku also throws a tower at the gang, who narrowly avoid it, with the exception of Bulma, who gets stuck underneath it. As Goku comes their way, Yamcha grabs his tail, stopping him in his tracks. Yamcha instructs Puar to turn into a pair of scissors and cut Goku's tail off, which causes the boy to revert back to his regular form.



Yamcha and Puar cutting Goku's tail off



  • Goku's size while transformed into a Great Ape is inconsistent between panels. At one point, he is seen bursting through the upper floors of Pilaf's Castle, and has a size comparable to the whole structure itself. Later, the Great Ape is depicted as being roughly three times the height of Yamcha (as the two are illustrated together in one panel).
Volume 2: Wish Upon a Dragon
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