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"The End of the Cell Game" (セルゲームのけつまつ Seru Geimu no Ketsumatsu, lit. "The End of the Cell Games") is the two hundred eighteenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred twelfth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover contains the Dragon Ball logo and the first panel of the chapter, which shows a bulging Cell as he prepares to self-destruct.


The Dragon Team watch in confusion as Cell continues to bulge. Even Gohan, who has been unfazed by all of Cell's attacks since his Super Saiyan 2 transformation, looks concerned. Cell states that he will self-destruct in 60 seconds, destroying the entire Earth as well. The Z Fighters are stunned, and Gohan angrily tells Cell that he will not let him. He prepares to attack, but Cell tells Gohan that he will explode the second he is hit, so attacking will only hasten the destruction. Frustrated, Gohan holds back, and Cell announces that there are only thirty seconds remaining.

With the situation looking dire, Yamcha says that the Z Fighters have to do something. Piccolo states that it is no use and nothing can be done. Cell states that only 20 seconds remain. Gohan recalls Goku's urging to finish Cell immediately and falls to his knees, thinking that this is his fault for not doing so. Cell laughs maniacally and says that only 10 seconds now remain.

Just then, having seemingly come up with something, Goku turns to the rest of the Z Fighters. Krillin asks what it is, and Goku says that he cannot come up with any other way to save the Earth. He then says goodbye and puts his first two fingers to his head in his standard Instant Transmission pose. Unaware of what is occurring, Cell states that everyone loses since the Cell Games ended in a draw. Goku teleports next to Cell. He tells Gohan that he is proud of him and asks to tell Chi-Chi that he is sorry. To the shock of the Z Fighters and Cell, Goku then teleports himself and Cell away to King Kai's Planet. Goku apologizes to King Kai, telling him it was the only place he could go. Cell then explodes, destroying King Kai's planet and killing Goku, King Kai, and Bubbles. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Z Fighters are still in disbelief over Goku's sacrifice, with Krillin falling to his knees in sorrow.





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