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"The End of Namek?" (るナメックせいぼう Kiesaru Namekku-sei to Kibō, lit. "Planet Namek and Hope Disappear") is the one hundred twenty sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred twentieth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features an enraged Frieza throwing his Destroy The Planet! in the foreground, with the planet Namek shown from outer space in the background.


The core of Namek is destroyed

As Goku watches in horror, Frieza unleashes his Destroy The Planet!, which creates a massive explosion as it hits Namek. King Kai tells the Dragon Team on his planet that Goku had Frieza beaten, but never thought he would be desperate enough to destroy Namek. Yamcha asks why Frieza would do such a thing, and King Kai tells him that Frieza would be the only one to survive in space. Just then, Kami contacts King Kai via telepathy and tells him that Mr. Popo is gathering Earth's Dragon Balls to wish back the fighters there. King Kai quickly becomes excited, realizing that if Kami is still alive then Piccolo must be as well.

Frieza uses a Kiai on Super Saiyan Goku

King Kai sees that Goku, Gohan, and Bulma are still alive on Namek, where Frieza's attack has created another gaping crater. Frieza angrily says that he held back too much, which Goku says is because he feared being caught in the planet's explosion. Frieza then tells Goku that Namek will still explode in five minutes, which Goku says will be plenty of time. Frieza laughs at this notion, and says that he will now reveal his full power. Goku says that he will not allow Frieza to buy time for himself, but Frieza blasts Goku backwards into some water below. Goku quickly recovers, but Frieza says that Goku has underestimated him, and that he was not even using three quarters of his power. He then says that he will use 100%. Upon hearing this, King Kai is visibly agitated.







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