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"The Emergence" (くうはんそと Gokū to Gohan Soto he, lit. "Goku and Gohan Come Out") is the one hundred ninety sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred ninetieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Perfect Cell standing on a globe.


Everyone on The Lookout is expecting for Goku and Gohan to emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. With their Battle Armor all tattered and damaged, Goku and Gohan emerge out as Super Saiyans, to everyone's surprise. Goku asks Mr. Popo whether the cloths he left is there, and Mr. Popo says yes and gets the Gi. Gohan asks Piccolo for clothes like Piccolo himself, so Piccolo uses his Magic Materialization to change Gohan's clothes. As Vegeta asks whether Goku can beat Cell, Goku asks how strong Cell is and the current situation as he does not know how Cell he reached his Perfect form. Using Instant Transmission, Goku goes to the Cell Games Arena. Goku and Cell enter a stand off, and Cell declares that here will be the fate of the universe. Goku declares that he will be the first to fight Cell in the ring so he leaves all the others out of this. Goku says that Cell is not the first person who has tried to rule the universe by his evil ways, and then he returns to the lookout. There, Future Trunks asks whether Goku can beat Cell, and Goku says he does not stand a chance right now. Piccolo advises Goku and Gohan to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again, but Goku declines, to Piccolo's surprise.


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