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"The Dragon Balls Change Hands" (うつわる7のドラゴンボール Utsuri Kawaru Nanako no Doragon Bōru, lit. "The Seventh Dragon Ball Changes Hands") is the seventy first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred sixty-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Grand Elder Guru seated in his chair. The One-Star Dragon Ball lies in a hole on the top of the chair, directly above his head.


The Grand Elder giving Krillin the One-Star Ball

Having arrived at the Grand Elder's house, Krillin and Dende implore him to let them borrow the One-Star Dragon Ball. When Dende mentions Earth's Dragon Balls, the Grand Elder is surprised but quickly deduces that the Nameless Namekian must have been their creator. He then reads Krillin's mind and learns that the Nameless Namekian had split in two. Being satisfied with Krillin's motives, he gives Krillin the One-Star Ball and unlocks his hidden inner strength. Thrilled with his newfound strength, Krillin rushes off with the Dragon Ball to bring Gohan to the Elder as well.

Back at their cave, Gohan and Bulma use the Dragon Radar and detect two signals: the approaching ball being carried by Krillin, and a stationary signal near the village that Vegeta had previously attacked. The pair incorrectly assume that Vegeta had been unable to find the ball and left (while he had really hidden the ball to prevent Frieza from obtaining it). Gohan thus races off with the radar to find the ball himself.

Zarbon and Appule checking in on Vegeta

Meanwhile, on Frieza's Spaceship, Vegeta heals in a Medical Machine while Zarbon and Appule discuss how to get him to disclose the Dragon Ball's location. After Zarbon leaves to report to Frieza, Vegeta awakes and blasts his way out of the tank, killing Appule in the process. He then blasts a hole in the ship's wall as a distraction. When Zarbon and Frieza, having heard the noise, run back to the room, Vegeta is nowhere to be found. Concluding that he has fled, Frieza sends Zarbon outside the ship to find him. With his captors distracted, Vegeta excitedly races to the room where Frieza's five Dragon Balls lie unguarded.






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