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"The Devil's Cesspool" (あく便べんじょ Akuma no Benjo, lit. "The Devil's Toilet") is the one hundred first chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows a diagram of who fought who in Fortuneteller Baba's tournament.


Bandages the Mummy appears

Yamcha notices Master Roshi and Bulma are here, and Bulma asks Krillin why they are even having these matches, so he explains Fortuneteller Baba's policy to her. Then Roshi says his “Big Sister” is acting the same as always, and everyone is shocked to hear Baba's his older sister. Baba says he is still the same as always as well, he is still a sukebe (lewd person). Krilllin asks Master Roshi why they are going through such trouble when he could just ask her, but Baba says she wants money or these matches, since they are fun.

Baba leads them inside for the next match, and on the way, Bulma asks Upa who he is, and Upa introduces himself, and she remembers that Goku is gathering the Dragon Balls to return his father to life. Krillin tells Upa that Bulma is scary, and she yells at him. They head into a building, and up a circular staircase, Master Roshi tells Yamcha they are going to the Devil's Toilet. Yamcha is a bit worried, and asks for some advice, so Roshi tells him, “Don’t die.” They come to a door, and Baba says the competitors need to go in there, and everyone else continues up the stairs.

Yamcha and Bandages the Mummy battle

There are two giant statues of some devil-type figures facing each other in this room with their tongues sticking out, and there is a small gap between the two tongues. Yamcha is in one of the mouths and below that is some gross lava stuff. Baba (who is floating over a roll of toilet paper) drops some meat in, and it disintegrates instantly, showing Yamcha that he does not want to fall in. Bulma thinks this is a messed up family, and then Baba calls out Mummy who comes out of the other mouth. “Sigh, after the invisible man is the mummy…” says Yamcha.

Baba tells them that whoever says they give up or dies, loses, and then calls for the match to begin. Yamcha thinks he will make use of his speed and technique in this confined space to win the match. He darts across, but so does the Mummy, who jumps over him. The mummy kicks at Yamcha from behind, but he ducks it, and Yamcha is just barely able to dodge his punches. Then the Mummy hits Yamcha in the face, and nearly knocks him off the tongue, but he manages to catch onto the edge. The mummy thinks this match has gotten interesting.




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