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The Demon King Piccolo (ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖! Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!, lit. "The Terror of the Great Demon King Piccolo!") is the twelfth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama. It was released on April 8, 1988 in Japan and on September 3, 2003 for the English version. It concludes the Tien Shinhan Saga and begins the King Piccolo Saga.

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image, Toriyama's pet cat, Koge

"This is our family cat, “Koge”. You probably can’t tell what’s what since she’s jet-black, but anyway, it’s Koge. We took her in one night three years ago as a kitten, and she’s really nice and friendly. When she gave birth (since she’s female), we were really, really worried, and we made a huge fuss. She gave birth without incident to four healthy little ones. We were just so glad. By the way, the one who named her “Koge” was my wife."


Goku loses to Tenshinhan by inches as he hits a truck just before Tenshinhan hits the ground. Following the tournament, Goku finds Kuririn dead and Kame-Sen’nin describes the evil Piccolo Daimaō. Goku tracks down and kills Tambourine, but fails to defeat Piccolo Daimaō.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
133 "Desperation Move"
Desperation Move.jpg
  • Original Title: 両者最後の戦術!! Ryōsha Saigo no Senjutsu!!, lit. "The Pair's Final Tactics!!"
134 "Up in the Air"
Up in the Air.jpg
  • Original Title: 武道大会終了!そして… Budō Taikai Shūryō! Soshite..., lit. "The Great Martial Arts Tournament Concludes! And Then..."
135 "The Death of Kuririn"
The Death of Kuririn.jpg
  • Original Title: クリリンの死そして恐ろしき陰謀 Kuririn no Shi Soshite Osoroshiki Inbō, lit. "Kuririn's Death, and a Terrible Conspiracy"
136 "Target: Tenka'ichi Budokai"
Target Tenka'ichi Budokai.jpg
  • Original Title: ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖! Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!, lit. "The Terror of the Great Demon King Piccolo!"
137 "We Need You, Goku!"
We Need You Goku.jpg
  • Original Title: よみがえれ孫悟空! Yomigaere Son Gokū!, lit. "Come Back, Son Goku!"
138 "The Weirdo with the Ball"
The Weirdo with the Ball.jpg
  • Original Title: ボールを持った妙なやつ Booru o Motta Myō na Yatsu, lit. "The Strange Guy With the Ball"
139 "Yajirobe's Prey"
Yajirobe's Prey.jpg
  • Original Title: ヤジロベーの獲物 Yajirobei no Emono, lit. "Yajirobe's Prey"
140 "The Martial Artist Hunters"
The Martial Artist Hunters.jpg
  • Original Title: タンバリンがやってくる! Tambarin ga Yatte Kuru!, lit. "Tambourine Draws Near!"
141 "Goku vs. Tambourine"
Goku vs. Tambourine.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空爆発!! Son Gokū Bakuhatsu!!, lit. "Son Goku's Explosion!!"
142 "Piccolo Descends!"
Piccolo Descends.jpg
  • Original Title: ピッコロ大魔王降り立つ!!, Pikkoro Daimaō Oritatsu!!; lit. "The Great Demon King Piccolo Descends!!"
143 "Goku vs. The Demon King"
Goku vs. The Demon King.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空対ピッコロ大魔王 Son Gokū Tai Pikkoro Daimaō, lit. "Son Goku vs The Great Demon King Piccolo"
144 "Goku... Loses?"
  • Original Title: 孫悟空完敗!! Son Gokū Kanpai!!, lit. "Son Goku Completely Defeated!!"


  • Goku vs. Tien Shinhan
  • Tambourine vs. Krillin
  • Yajirobe vs. Cymbal
  • Goku vs. Tambourine
  • Goku vs. King Piccolo


  • In the manga, 3 unnamed martial artists were killed while in the anime, they were "revealed" to be King Chappa, Pamput, and Bacterian.

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