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The Decisive Battle at Last! (天下分け目の超決戦!!, Tenkawakeme no Chō-Kessen!!; lit. "A Fateful Super Decisive Battle!!") is the 229th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime counterpart is the second half of the episode Goku vs. Vegeta.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku and Gohan riding a dinosaur. The title of the series is spelled wrong, being written Dagon Ball (with the R missing) instead of Dragon Ball. The cover art for this chapter is also featured in the artbooks Akira Toriyama - The World and Daizenshuu 1.


Vegeta thinks Goku’s getting serious now, upping his battle power. Goku is really excited about facing this predicament, probably because of the battle-loving Saiyan blood flowing within him. Vegeta thinks that’s Goku’s limit, and wants to give him a dying present — the overwhelming power of a super elite Saiyan! Vegeta then begins to power up, and the whole Earth shakes, and dark clouds swirl overhead. Things get really messy, and Goku says it’s like a typhoon. But then Vegeta stops, and the weather calms down, and the clouds disappear. “I’m done…Kakarrot…!!!!”

Both mid-air, Vegeta rushes at Goku with a head butt, and then elbows him in the stomach down towards the ground. Goku just barely catches himself, but then Vegeta kicks him from behind toward a rock formation. Goku hops to the top of it instead of crashing, and spots Vegeta up in the air above him. Vegeta fires a blast down toward Goku, and so Goku screams, “Kaiō-Ken times two!!!!!” Goku flies up out of the way, and there’s a huge explosion where he had been.

Vegeta smirks and fires another blast up at Goku, and Goku only just barely dodges it. The blast managed to tear off most of the right half of Goku’s shirt, though. Goku then lands, and curses Vegeta’s speed and power. Even Kaiō-Ken x2 wasn’t enough. As he takes off the remains of his shirt, he says he’ll just have to up it to Kaiō-Ken x3,. Vegeta doesn’t seem to think it will do him any good, as Yajirobe watches from behind a nearby rock formation.





Volume 20: Goku vs. Vegeta
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