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|romaji=Tenkawakeme no Chō-Kessen!!
|romaji=Tenkawakeme no Chō-Kessen!!
|translated title=A Fateful Super Decisive Battle!!
|translated title=A Fateful Super Decisive Battle!!
|release=July 3, 1989 ([[Weekly Shōnen Jump]], 1989 #29)
|release=June 30, 1989 ([[Weekly Shōnen Jump]], 1989 #29)
|engrelease=March 2003
|engrelease=March 2003
|saga=[[Vegeta Saga]]
|saga=[[Vegeta Saga]]

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The Decisive Battle at Last! (天下分け目の超決戦!!, Tenkawakeme no Chō-Kessen!!; lit. "A Fateful Super Decisive Battle!!") is the two hundred twenty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime counterpart is the second half of the episode "Goku vs. Vegeta".


The cover of this chapter shows Goku and Gohan riding a dinosaur. The title of the series is spelled wrong in the original version, being written Dagon Ball (with the R missing) instead of Dragon Ball; this was corrected in the Dragon Ball Full Color version. The cover art for this chapter is also featured in the artbooks Akira Toriyama - The World and Daizenshuu 1.


229 01

Vegeta powers up

Vegeta shows Goku the power of a Saiyan elite, shaking the whole planet with his great power. Their battle resumes with Vegeta easily gaining an upperhand over Goku, even though Goku is using Kaio-ken x2. With no other options on how to defeat Vegeta, Goku decides he must power up to Kaio-ken x3.



229 02

Goku dodges Vegeta's Ki Blast



Volume 20: Goku vs. Vegeta
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