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"The Death of Kuririn" (クリリンのそしておそろしきいんぼう Kuririn no Shi Soshite Osoroshiki Inbō, lit. "Kuririn's Death, and a Terrible Conspiracy") is the one hundred thirty-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Krillin, Goku and Master Roshi in individual rectangles, while a large image of King Piccolo is behind them.


The Evil Containment Wave being used on King Piccolo

Master Roshi warns Goku to keep calm, but the death of Krillin enrages Goku, who flies off on the Flying Nimbus in search of Krillin's assassin. Oolong finds a slip of paper with King Piccolo's insignia on it, which Master Roshi recognizes. Master Roshi then explains who King Piccolo is, and tells the others about how Master Mutaito found a technique, which sealed King Piccolo away in an Electric Rice Cooker at the cost of his own life. Master Roshi afterwards threw the Electric Rice Cooker into the sea.

Demon King Piccolo and his son Piano

While Roshi wonders why the assassin took the Dragon Ball and the World Martial Arts Tournament contestant list, King Piccolo is shown on Pilaf's Flying Base. It is revealed that he plans to gather the Dragon Balls in order to wish for youth and that he also decided to have all finalists of the World Martial Arts Tournament killed so that no one can learn the Evil Containment Wave and imprison him once more.

Meanwhile, Goku catches up to Tambourine, Krillin's killer.





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