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"So, I'm from the planet Namek. I can't believe it, but at the same time, I know it's true. Yes, it's true."
Piccolo after he was revealed as a Namekian.

"The Darkest Day" (んなバカな!!つちからまれたサイバイマン 'nna Baka na!! Tsuchi kara Umareta Saibaiman, lit. "Unbelievable!! Saibaimen, Born from the Soil") is the 16th episode of the Vegeta Saga in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. This episode first aired in Japan on October 11, 1989. Its original American airdate was July 20, 2005.



Nappa, Vegeta and the Saibamen

As Goku continues his two day trek back along Snake Way, the Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, defiantly announce their arrival on Earth with the complete destruction of East City. Vegeta scolds Nappa for his action, saying that he could have destroyed one of the Dragon Balls that they were after. They use their scouters to look for the warrior with the highest power level and the one who killed Raditz, sensing two high power levels together they fly off in their direction.


Yajirobe talks about the Saiyans

Yajirobe also learns of the Saiyans' arrival and heads to East City. A police inspector and journalists watch on confused as Yajirobe proclaims that the Saiyans destroyed the city, not him. The inspector questions what Saiyans are, and Yajirobe answers the question for him. Yajirobe uses this occasion for profit, as when the journalists find out Yajirobe was telling the truth and that a Saiyans are from space, he reassures them that he is part of a secret superhero squad that will save the world from the Saiyans.


Piccolo finds out he's from Namek

Sensing their approaching power, Piccolo and Gohan prepare for the arrival of the Saiyans. They sense another power close by which ends up being Krillin. After a little chat between the two Earthlings, Vegeta and Nappa arrive at Paprika Wasteland. Recognizing Piccolo's voice, they determine that he was the one who killed Raditz. Piccolo then finds out from the two that he is in fact a Namekian from Planet Namek. He demands for them to leave the planet, or they will die and readies himself in a fighting stance. On The Lookout, Kami reflects with Mr. Popo on the newfound information that he is from another world.


The Saibamen are formed

Nappa measures the power levels of the three in front of him, with Gohan at 1,000, Piccolo at 1,400 and Krillin at 1,100. He begins mocking their inadequate power level, but Vegeta tells him to remove his scouter as the Earthlings are capable of raising their power levels at will. Krillin wonders how they're supposed to beat the two when they're more powerful than Raditz and Goku isn't there but soon realizes they have no choice. Upon Vegeta's suggestion, Nappa takes a small container out of his armor and plants the seeds in the ground. Suddenly six Saibamen emerge ready to do battle.

Major Events[]

  • Nappa destroys East City.
  • The Z-Warriors meet the Saiyans.
  • Nappa plants the Saibamen.
  • Piccolo and Kami learn that they are from Planet Namek.





Differences from the manga[]

  • Yajirobe at the aftermath of East City's destruction is exclusive to the anime.
  • The scene of Bulma and the others at Kame House is extended slightly in the anime with Puar vowing to go with Bulma to help Yamcha and the rest before Master Roshi warns them not to. as is Bulma admitting that he is correct.
  • The animals of the Paprika Wasteland leaving the area as a result of the Saiyans’ presence is expanded in the anime with dinosaurs and other megafauna being depicted as opposed to just seeing birds flying off in the manga.
  • The news crew filming the confrontation at Paprika Wasteland is exclusive to the anime, as is Nappa destroying one of their jet vehicles.


  • In the Japanese version, this was the first episode to feature the 2nd Cha-La Head-Cha-La opening, which Funimation used for the first 117 episodes of the series.
  • The Namekians and their homeworld Namek are mentioned for the first time here when Nappa and Vegeta meet Piccolo, revealing to both him and Kami their extraterrestrial origin. Bizarrely, Raditz showed no recognition whatsoever when he first saw Piccolo (though the English dubs have him boast that Piccolo isn't from Earth after reading his power level, but the original Japanese only has him remark that his power of 322 was more than he expected from a weak planet like Earth).
  • The Scouter is named for the first time here by Vegeta in the Japanese version. The English dubs used the term right from the first episode when Raditz arrived.
  • Bulma has changed her look again, though not dramatically so, still wearing her hair in a ponytail but with a red bow as opposed to yellow. She wears a blue shirt with a white collar and matching edges on the sleeves in addition to blue shorts with edges on the bottom.
  • In both the Japanese version and Saban/Canadian dub, once the Saiyans remove their scouters, Piccolo and Krillin both express surprise that they dismissed Raditz as a weakling after the latter gave both the Namek and Goku such a hard fight. The Funimation dub instead has Piccolo warn Gohan and Krillin to be ready for the Saiyans and Krillin asking Piccolo how the latter expects to win with just the two of them.
  • Nappa's scouter is never seen again after he removes it unlike Vegeta's, though it's possible that it was either destroyed or lost amongst all the fierce fighting that followed.
  • As Krillin is watching the Saibamen form in the ground, Vegeta can be seen in the background still with his scouter on after he had removed it.


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