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"The Complete Cell" (完全体完成!! Kanzentai Kansei!!, lit. "Perfect Form Completed!!") is the one hundred eighty eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred eighty-second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows the backside of Cell standing in front of a blue panel while finally in his perfect form, hiding his face.


Vegeta, Future Trunks, Android 16, and Krillin watch as Cell, having just absorbed Android 18 starts to shake. Vegeta watches in anticipation, and the other three look on in fear and consternation. Cell begins to slowly change shape as Vegeta notes that Cell is transforming. Future Trunks, angry at his father, decides to beat down Cell while he still has a chance and charges at Cell. However, Cell creates an Energy Field around himself, which Future Trunks' kick slams against to no effect. Taken aback by his kick's lack of effect on Cell's barrier, Future Trunks throws a punch at Cell, but ends up merely hurting his hand. Suddenly, Cell's barrier flashes blindingly bright and explodes. Smoke flies around the cringing fighters as Perfect Cell's silhouette appears, and a satisfied Vegeta anticipates the coming fight.

Meanwhile, at The Lookout, Piccolo is watching these events unfold, and upon seeing this, he says aloud that Cell is now complete. Tien Shinhan and Bulma are shocked, and Bulma asks if Krillin used her Shut Down Remote. Piccolo tells her that Krillin destroyed it intentionally, and that he cannot tell her why. Piccolo calls Vegeta an imbecile and warns him to finish the fight quickly.

In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan struggles to become a Super Saiyan. Finally, he achieves the state, and Goku exclaims words of encouragement and congratulation. As Gohan continues to strain, Goku tells him to reign in his passion without losing the form. However, Gohan loses the state, and says that it is too difficult. Goku merely says that it takes work, and that he will cut Gohan's hair as it is getting shaggy.

At the island, Cell emerges from the dust in his new form. Vegeta taunts Cell, saying that his new form does not look very fearsome. Krillin glares at Cell and calls him a murderer for absorbing Android 18. In his rage, and ignoring Future Trunks' warning, Krillin attacks Cell, hitting him with a punch, but it does not seem to affect Cell, who merely continues examining his new body. When his punch does not affect cell, Krillin kicks Cell multiple times, but nothing happens, and Krillin becomes fearful. Cell punches the air a few times to test his strength, and with a smile and a yell, he turns around effortlessly kicks Krillin, sending him flying and knocking him unconscious.






  • Cell (Perfect Form) vs. Krillin


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