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"The Coming of King Cold" (フリーザ親子地球に降り立つ Furīza Oyako Chikyū ni Oritatsu, lit. "Freeza and His Father Land on Earth") is the one hundred thirty sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred thirtieth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Mecha Frieza with his father King Cold standing behind him.


Tien and Vegeta have words

Gohan flies off towards the large ki that he feels, meeting Krillin on the way. The pair wonder what is happening. In space, King Cold's Spaceship is ready to land. Yamcha and Vegeta, coming from Capsule Corporation, have already arrived at where they believe Frieza will land. Bulma and Puar soon arrive in a small airplane, having come because Bulma wants to see Frieza (having not gotten a chance to do so on Namek). Yamcha chastises her for coming, due to the danger involved, but Bulma is defiant. Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu then arrive. Tien and Vegeta briefly have words, but Yamcha convinces them to get along for the moment.

King Cold's spaceship about to land, much to the horror of the Z Fighters

Vegeta tells the others to suppress their power levels, as Frieza and his men have scouters. He says that Piccolo, being a true warrior, has done so already. Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu then notice Piccolo standing on a nearby hill. Just then Gohan and Krillin arrive as well, and Yamcha notes that this means Goku has not yet returned. Piccolo then notices King Cold's spaceship and alerts the others. Vegeta says that they must walk over rather than fly. As the ship lands, Yamcha and Tien are stunned by the massive kis that they feel, but Gohan tells them that Frieza can get much stronger. Vegeta and Piccolo say that they must fight, even though the situation seems hopeless.

Meanwhile, Frieza and King Cold have exited the spaceship, and Frieza comments that Earth is not a bad planet. King Cold asks Frieza if he will wait for Goku to arrive in three hours, and Frieza replies that he will. Frieza says that he will kill all of the Earthlings first, so that Goku will be upset. King Cold says that he only cares about killing Goku so that they remain the most powerful, which Frieza says he can do now that he is stronger. Just as Frieza orders his men to go and kill all the Earthlings they can find, a mysterious person lands in front of the two tyrants.





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