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"The Climax Approaches!" (クライマックスちかし!! Kuraimakkusu Chikashi!!, lit. "The Climax Nears!!") is the fifty-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku holding his Power Pole while riding a plane.


The announcer starts to declare Jackie Chun the winner, while Krillin screams out that he is a murderer. Jackie points over at some rubble, where Goku's lying naked and everyone is shocked to see he is still alive. Jackie explains that what he blasted with the Kamehameha was not Goku, but the moon. The announcer looks up and is astonished to see the moon is missing from the sky. He starts going on about how there will be no more eating dango (Japanese dumpling made from rice flour) by the moonlight, wolfmen will not be able to transform, elegance and crap are all gone...

The World Tournament Announcer notes that the moon has been destroyed by Jackie Chun

The World Tournament Announcer notes that the moon has been destroyed by Jackie Chun

Jackie yells at him to stop blathering and make the count, but Goku gets up at two. He wonders why he is naked, but no matter. Goku faces Jackie again, and Jackie is mad that his Kamehameha used up all of his energy. Goku is still naked, so the announcer puts the match on hold, and asks Goku if he could put some clothes on before continuing. Kuririn climbs in the ring and says he will give him his dougi. The two head backstage to change and Kuririn puts on his old Oorin Temple outfit.

Jackie Chun prevents himself from touching the outside of the ring

Jackie Chun prevents himself from touching the outside of the ring

Goku is hungry as he gets back into the ring, noting that his strength has also reduced. Jackie tries a finisher Kamehameha, but he is too pooped out, and nothing happens. Goku realizes that if Jackie can not use the Kamehameha anymore, he can not fly either. Goku unleashes his own Kamehameha, and Jackie just barely avoids it. Goku takes the opportunity to jump kick Jackie. Goku lands, and Jackie falls outside of the ring. Everyone thinks Goku has won, but Jackie tells everyone to look; it is not a ring out. He has his left foot in the side of the ring, and he is a few inches above the ground. So, the match will continue. Jackie tells Goku the rest of this match will be hand-to-hand combat, and the stronger one will be the victor. Goku refuses to lose, while Jackie contemplates Goku's small body, which gives him a realization. Jackie and Goku both dart towards each other.





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