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"The Bittersweet End" (ゆううつなまくれ⋯ Yūutsuna Makugire..., lit. "A Gloomy Closing Scene...") is the forty eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred forty-second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows a night sky with Bulma's aircraft flying above the rocky ground.


Bulma, Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, and Korin arrive at Gizard Wasteland. Chi-Chi rushes out of the ship, shouting for Gohan frantically. Running as fast as she can and jumping over her seriously injured husband Goku, Chi-Chi takes Gohan from Krillin and hugs his unconscious, naked body telling him she will never leave him again. Kuririn mentions Goku's pitiful state to Chi-Chi but she is obviously not listening. Kuririn walks over to Goku who is being surrounded by Kame-Sen'nin, Korin, and Bulma. Kuririn tells them that they got everybody but us "four". Bulma reacts cheerfully and says that we will bring them back the next year with the Dragon Balls. Goku breaks the news to Bulma that Piccolo died and the Dragon Balls are gone. None of their friends can be brought back to life. Bulma does not believe this and says that Piccolo has to be alive but Yajirobe walks up confirming he was the fourth. Bulma breaks down and they all board the ship.

In the ship, Kuririn gives the directions to where the bodies of their fallen friends are. On the way, he mentions how it is possible that they can still be brought back to life. The ship arrives and they take the bodies in. Although Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, and Piccolo's bodies are present, Chiaotzu's body is absent due to self-destructing earlier in a failed attempt to kill Nappa. When the ship flies off again, Gohan regains consciousness. He realizes he is in his mother's arms and the others inform him of the Vegeta's departure. Gohan is happy to see that his father is alive, albeit crippled.

Kuririn informs everyone that the Saiyans said something along the lines of: If we can not find the Dragon Balls here we can always go to Namek. Planet Namek is where Piccolo and Kami are from, according to the Saiyans. Bulma appears less than enthusiastic about this news, and she wonders how they could even find this planet. Goku says that he can contact King Kai, who he has feeling will know the planet's whereabouts.




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