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"The Big Sleep" (武天老師の逆襲 Jakkī Chun no Gyakushū, lit. "Jackie Chun's Counterattack") is the forty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Jackie Chun and Goku both in fighting stances, with a diagonal split down the middle separating them.


Jackie Chun begins to attack Goku, but Goku dodges all of them and turns the tide on Chun using the Crazy Fist.

Chun starts to move his hands in a strange manner and sing a lullaby. It is the Sleepy Boy Technique. Goku falls asleep. The World Tournament Announcer is not sure if it counts as martial arts, but Chun claims it is because "It has a fancy Chinese name, doesn't it?!" The announcer begins to count as Goku's friends yell to try to wake him up. When the announcer is about to say "ten," Bulma yells "DINNER TIME!!!!" causing Goku to wake up and run around looking for dinner. Goku is told he will get dinner after the match and decides to end the fight quickly. He hits Chun by saying "Paper," but doing "Rock," in his Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper. Chun decides he has no choice. He'll have to use "that move."






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