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"The Big Fight" (だいこうぼうせん Daikōbōsen!, lit. "A Great Give-and-Take Battle!") is the forty-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover depicts Jackie Chun, Goku and Krillin in fighting stances. Jackie Chun is mentally visualizing an attractive woman from one of his exercise videos, while Goku and Krillin comment seriously on the stance. Goku asks where he learned it, while Krillin claims that the stance "leaves no openings!"


The chapter begins with Krillin sitting against the arena wall, lamenting that he did not see Jackie Chun's last punch coming. Goku, leaning over the wall, notes that he did. The crowd as well as the World Tournament Announcer are confused as to what happened. Krillin gets back up to fight and focuses closely on Chun. Chun makes a move and Krillin claims that he sees it this time, and the two clash quickly before jumping apart.

The announcer asks what happened but gets no response, and Krillin and Chun both attack, ostensibly clashing quickly once again. However, after they both land this time, Krillin falls face-down, seemingly having been hit. The announcer begins his count, but Krillin manages to get up after he reaches eight. Chun thinks to himself that Krillin really did take his training seriously. However, before they can continue their fight, the announcer interrupts, asking what happened during their last exchange. Chun and Krillin walk him through a complicated sequence involving several strikes and a game of rock-paper-scissors, which he cannot believe all happened in so short of a time.

Roshi and Krillin

Krillin hits Jackie Chun with a hard kick to face

The fight resumes, and Krillin unleashes his secret weapon: a pair of panties, which he tosses on the ground. Jackie Chun predictably leaps down after them, and Krillin uses this opportunity to kick Chun and send him flying. This causes Yamcha to change his belief that Chun is really Master Roshi, as he believes Roshi would have never lost his concentration.






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