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"The Beam of Evil" (アクマイト光線 Akumaito-kōsen, lit. "The Akumaito Beam") is the one hundred fourth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku standing in the center, arms crossed. Seen behind him are Master Roshi, Puar, Bulma, Upa, Yamcha and Krillin.


Spike the Devil Man fires his Devilmite Beam

Spike the Devil Man fires his Devilmite Beam

Spike the Devil Man is surprised by Goku's speed, but lunges at Goku once again, only to miss. He tries kicking Goku, to no avail as the boy quickly dodges the attack. Akkuman tries to attack Goku, but the boy's sheer speed is too much for him, and he is punched by Goku, nearly being knocked out of the ring by Goku. An exhausted Akkuman manages to fly back up to meet Goku. Goku's party is in disbelief at Goku's strength, and Fortuneteller Baba chastises Akkuman for his performance. Akkuman smiles, confusing Goku, and he prepares to use his Devilmite Beam on Goku. Master Roshi yells for Goku to watch out, and Baba yells to Akkuman not to take it too far. The beam connects with Goku, and all are concerned, but the attack brings no results, as Goku's heart is pure, and Akkuman's attack is thus rendered useless against Goku. The others are relieved by this, and Baba is shocked at how pure Goku's heart must be, but Akkuman is furious. He resorts to attempting to use his Demon Fork to kill Goku, and Goku comments on this being unfair, but Akkuman's attempt on Goku's life ultimately fails when Goku's attack both knocks him out of the ring and incapacitates him, causing Goku to wonder if he overdid the attack and leaving Roshi and Baba stunned.






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