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"The Assimilation" (おもいがけぬスーパーパワーアップ Omoigakenu Sūpā Pawā Appu, lit. "An Unexpected Super Power-Up") is the one hundred first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninety-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Piccolo standing in his traditional outfit.


Piccolo, having landed next to Nail, realizes that the warrior is on the brink of death. Nail says that Piccolo must be the Namekian that the Earthlings had mentioned. Though surprised that Nail knows the situation, Piccolo says that he is in a hurry and must leave Nail to die. Nail tells him that if he were to become one again with Kami, he could surpass Frieza's power. Piccolo says that he has no desire to unite with Kami, so Nail tells Piccolo to assimilate him instead.

Piccolo initially denies Nail's request, saying that he wants to keep his own personality. However, Nail assures him that his personality will stay the same, and Piccolo reluctantly agrees to give it a try. Once the assimilation is complete, Piccolo feels a surge of new power within him, and is convinced that he can now defeat any opponent. He then flies off to find the battle. Meanwhile, Frieza has finished powering up. Krillin says the situation is useless, but Vegeta believes that the three of them can win, citing the potential shown by Gohan and his belief that he is becoming a Super Saiyan. Frieza scoffs at the latter idea and charges at Vegeta.

Much to Frieza's surprise, Vegeta manages to block both of his blows. As they struggle, Frieza's scouter explodes due to Vegeta's high power level. Frieza realizes that Vegeta was not entirely bluffing, and Vegeta tells Frieza to transform. Frieza is surprised that Vegeta knows he can do this, and Vegeta tells that Zarbon revealed it to him. Frieza, much to the horror of Krillin and Gohan, agrees to transform.





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