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"The Assassin's Struggle" (ころ タオパイパイのあがき Koroshiya Taopaipai no Agaki, lit. "The Hitman Tao Pai-pai’s Struggle") is one hundred seventieth chapter of Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Tien Shinhan with a bleeding wound on his right chest.


Mercenary Tao is frustrated about Tenshinhan suddenly appearing behind him, and he is also frustrated about Tenshinhan saying he is too strong for him. Tenshinhan says it is not too hard not to tell, and Tao Pai Pai gets frustrated and comes at him. Tenshinhan easily dodges all of his strikes, then his kicks, and finally catches Tao Pai Pai's fist. Tenshinhan tells him he does not want to make Tao Pai Pai lose like this, since he and Master Shen taught him, and again asks him to please leave.

Tao Pai Pai gets frustrated and jerks away, leaving his mechanical fist in Tenshinhan's hand. A Hidden Blade pops out of the socket where his hand was, and Tao Pai Pai slashes Tenshinhan across the chest with it. "F-foul play!! That is foul play!! Use of weapons is firmly prohibited!! This contest's win belongs to Tenshinhan!!" Tao Pai Pai does not care about that anymore; he just wants to kill Tenshinhan. Tsuru-sennin cheers him on, telling him to kill everyone else affiliated with the Turtle School as well.

Tao fires his Super Dodon Wave

Tenshinhan gets frustrated and takes off the rest of his shirt, and Tao Pai Pai pops off his other hand. Yamcha and Krillin volunteer to help, but Tenshinhan says he wants to do it himself. Tao Pai Pai's second hand is a gun which can fire a Super Dodon Wave He tells Tenshinhan to prepare to go to Hell. Tenshinhan stands unmoving, though, and Tao Pai Pai targets Tenshinhan with his cyborg radar vision.

Tao Pai Pai then fires the tremendous Super Dodonpa at Tenshinhan, but Tenshinhan just screams, stopping the blast. Tao Pai Pai can not believe he has cancelled out the Super Dodonpa with just a kiai. Tenshinhan then runs over and punches Tao Pai Pai in the gut, knocking him out. Tenshinhan then picks him up and takes him over to Tsuru-sennin, saying he probably would not wake up for days. Then he asks them to please just leave, and so Tsuru-sennin flies off with Tao Pai Pai draped over his shoulders. And so, the second match is called to begin, and Goku wants to know why this girl is so mad at him once they get in the ring.





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