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"The Androids Unhinged" (うろたえるじんぞうにんげん Urotaeru Jinzōningen, lit. "The Artificial Humans Panic") is the one hundred fiftieth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred forty-fourth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of the chapter features a scene from the manga: Super Saiyan Vegeta walking towards Android 19, with a concerned Android 20.


Vegeta confidently walks over to Android 19, who is still lying on the ground. He asks the android if his scrap-metal brain messed up its calculations. Android 19 then leaps to his feet and flies head first at Vegeta, who leans back to dodge and kicks Android 19 into the air. Vegeta gives chase and quickly reaches Android 19, surprising the android. Android 19 punches, but Vegeta dodges and hits him in the face. Noticing that Android 19 is bleeding, Vegeta sarcastically asks if the liquid is blood or oil. Android 19 attacks Vegeta with a Bionic Punisher, but Vegeta dodges and slams the android to the ground. The Dragon Team dodge Android 19's falling body, which makes a sizable crater as it hits the ground.

Vegeta's Big Bang Attack

With Android 19 lying motionless in the crater, Vegeta lands near him. Just then Android 19 opens his eyes and leaps up, grabbing Vegeta's wrists with his hands. He tells Vegeta that he will drain all his power, and that kicking is useless as he will never let go. Vegeta decides to test this by putting his feet against Android 19's face and stretching his body. He says that 19 does indeed drain energy through his hands, and Android 19 says that he will never let go. However, Vegeta then fully extends his body, and 19's hands are severed at the wrists, still clinging to Vegeta. Having been sent falling backwards, Android 19 is shocked, as is Android 20. Vegeta removes Android 19's hands from his wrists and examines them, noticing the energy absorption areas on the palms. He tosses Android 19's hands to the ground and asks if he can feel fear. Android 19 scrambles out of the crater and begins to run away. Vegeta rises into the air and prepares to destroy Android 19 when Android 20 verbally intercedes. Vegeta tells him that he will deal with him after.

As Vegeta begins to power up, the Z Fighters wonder what he is doing. After powering up sufficiently, he unleashes a Big Bang Attack, which creates a massive explosion, stunning the onlookers. When the smoke clears, only Android 19's head remains. Android 20 says that they may have miscalculated, but Vegeta still has no chance of victory, a notion at which Vegeta scoffs.






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