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The Thai versions of the Dragon Ball anime series airing in Thailand.

Dragon Ball

Mordernine TV aired the Thai dub of Dragon Ball anime in 1989 until the 1990s.

Dragon Ball Z/GT/Kai

Dragon Ball Z and GT was dubbed in Thai, but was done by DEX Company in the 1990s.

Dragon Ball Z Kai was also dubbed by DEX Company. However, the different Thai dub, based off the censored FUNimation dub, were aired in Cartoon Network Thailand.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super were dubbed in Thai and aired on TNT.

Voice Actors

  • Goku - Chantana Tarajan (child in most media), Pattarawut Samutnavee (adult in most media), Nirun Boonyarattaphan (adult - Modernine TV dub)
  • Krillin - Nirun Boonyarattaphan
  • Mr. Popo - Kaiwan Wattanakrai
  • Frieza - Thanakrit Janklongtham
  • Captain Ginyu - Thanakrit Jenklongtham (DBZ), Pattarawut Samutnavee (DBZ Kai)


  • This is one of the rarest dubs of the Dragon Ball anime series.
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