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"Testing the Waters" (小手調べ Kote Shirabe, lit. "A Light Warm-Up") is the one hundred eighty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku and Piccolo Jr. locked in a battle.


Goku and Piccolo rush at each other, blocking each other's strikes, and then Piccolo headbutts Goku across the ring. Goku lands on his feet, though, and Piccolo flies over behind him. But, Goku kicks back at Piccolo, and then they break. Piccolo then stretches his arm out, but Goku catches it, and tosses Piccolo into the air by it.

Piccolo sends a shockwave down at Goku, but Goku counters it and sends it back up at Piccolo somehow, knocking Piccolo backwards. Goku jumps up after him, as Piccolo slyly closes a fist. Then Piccolo opens the fist, firing a blast down at Goku, and sending Goku back down toward the ring. Then Piccolo fires a blast at him with his other hand, and then a whole bunch of blasts that all connect as Goku hits the ring.

A huge hole is in the ring now, with Goku lying in the center. Piccolo yells at the World Tournament Announcer to stop counting, as Goku is faking. Goku easily gets back up, and is not hurt much. He notices his clothes are getting all tattered again, so he takes off the remains of his shirt. Goku and Piccolo decide to go full throttle now, and then rush at each other.





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