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Test Of The All-Seeing Crone (こまったときの占いババ Komatta Toki no Uranai Baba, lit. "When Worried, See Uranai Baba") is the ninth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama. It was released on September 10, 1987 in Japan and in May 2003 for the English version. It covers most of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image, depicting Akira Toriyama's son Sasuke with his cat Koge

"My son has now reached the age of five months, and every day, he’s brimming over with energy. However, his elder, my cat (Koge), is not taking it well. She has a rival now. Before my son was born, Koge never wanted much attention, but now, she’s all over us. She’ll go out of her way to sleep on her rival, my son’s, futon, and when I’m fanning my son with an uchiwa, she’ll lie down with him, as if to say, “fan me, too”. Can’t we just get along?"


Everyone heads to Uranai Baba’s to find the location of the last Dragon Ball. Puar and Upa defeat Dracula Man. Yamcha defeats Mr. Invisible. Goku handily defeats Mummy-kun and Akkuman, and eventually emerges victorious after a long battle with a mysterious masked warrior.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
97 "The Lost Dragon Ball"
The Lost Dragon Ball.jpg
  • Original Title: 最後の龍球 Saigo no Doragon Booru, lit. "The Final Dragon Ball"
98 "The All-Seeing Crone"
The All-Seeing Crone.jpg
  • Original Title: 占いババ Uranai Baba
99 "The Five Champions"
The Five Champions.jpg
  • Original Title: 5人の戦士 Gonin no Senshi; lit. "The Five Warriors"
100 "Battle of the Bleeders"
Battle of the Bleeders.jpg
  • Original Title: 大流血戦 Dairyūketsusen, lit. "A Great Bloody Battle"
101 "The Devil's Cesspool"
The Devil's Cesspool.jpg
  • Original Title: 悪魔の便所, Akuma no Benjo, lit. "The Devil's Toilet"
102 "Goku at the Plate!"
Goku at the Plate.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空見参 Son Gokū Kenzan, lit. "Son Goku Steps Up"
103 "The Power of Goku"
The Power of Goku.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟空強し!! Son Gokū Tsuyoshi!!, lit. "Son Goku The Mighty!!"
104 "The Beam of Evil"
The Beam of Evil.jpg
  • Original Title: アクマイト光線 Akumaitokōsen, lit. "The Akumaito Beam"
105 "The Last Champion"
The Last Champion.jpg
  • Original Title: 5人目の男 Gonin Me no Otoko, lit. "The Fifth Man"
106 "Strong vs. Strong"
Strong vs. Strong.jpg
  • Original Title: 強敵同士 Kyōteki Dōshi, lit. "Mutually Strong Opponents"
107 "To Win By a Tail"
To Win By a Tail.jpg
  • Original Title: 悟空のシッポ, Gokū no Shippo; lit. "Goku's Tail"
108 "Son Gohan"
Son Gohan.jpg
  • Original Title: 孫悟飯 Son Gohan


  • Krillin vs. Fangs the Vampire
  • Yamcha vs. See-Through the Invisible Man
  • Yamcha vs. Bandages the Mummy
  • Goku vs. Bandages the Mummy
  • Goku vs. Spike the Devil Man
  • Goku vs. Grandpa Gohan

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