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The Terrible Torture Tour is a torture system set up in the darkest depths of Hell by the guardian Enma. The torture system consists of four stages, of which Goku had to endure in Dragon Ball GT, after Cell and Frieza had launched Goku down into Hell with their Hell's Buster.



Stage 1, Soup Bath of Hell

Soup Bath of Hell – Straight after Goku meets Enma, Enma offers Goku to use a nearby spa bath. At first, Goku relaxes, until he notices the food also inside the spa, so Enma reveals this is the first stage of her torture system, the Boiling Cauldron torture.

Tickle Torture 3

Stage 2, Ticklish Hands of Hell

Ticklish Hands of Hell – Goku is then placed onto a small table, and then is tickled quickly by multiple arms coming from the table. This torture is very similar to Caterpy's Chico Torture, a tickling attack he used in the Other World Tournament.


Stage 3, Boiling Sauna of Hell

Boiling Sauna of Hell – Goku is then placed inside of a scolding sauna, until he eventually escapes from the sauna while shouting in pain, due to extreme burns.


Stage 4, Freezing Thundra of Hell

Freezing Tundra of Hell – The final stop in Enma's torture tour, Goku is placed in an incredibly freezing location full of ice and snow and is then blasted by a large snow machine, to be eventually frozen. The more Goku struggles, the stronger the ice becomes. However, since Goku was not dead when encased in the ice, his living heat energy eventually melts the ice. Goku manages to use this step of the torture to freeze Cell and Frieza.

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