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"Tenshinhan vs. Drum" (テンシンハンさん Tenshinhan no Gosan, lit. "Tenshinhan’s Miscalculation") is the one hundred fifty-fourth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Goku grinning in the foreground, while the background shows Tien Shinhan and Drum about to face off at King Castle as King Piccolo watches.


King Piccolo tells the newly spawned Drum to finish off Tien quickly, as they do not have time to play games. At the same time, Goku has almost reached King Castle on his Flying Nimbus. Tien says that even if he dies, he will take both of them down with him. He then dashes at Drum and attacks, but Drum dodges and punches at Tien. Tien blocks the punch and kicks several times, but Drum dodges and then connects with a punch to the face. He follows up with two kicks and an elbow, the last of which sends Tien flying backwards. King Piccolo says that Tien seems like a dull one. Tien recovers in midair and sends himself hurtling towards Drum, and headbutts him in the face.

Drum, however, seems mostly unaffected, and simply tells Tien that he has some good moves. Tien marvels at the strength and speed of Drum, and realizes that Piccolo's must be even greater. Drum then tells Tien that he is already dead, then quickly moves behind Tien. He hits Tien with a punch to the back, sending him to the ground. King Piccolo says that Tien is persistent, and orders Drum to tear out his heart. As Drum stands over Tien and prepares to do as commanded, he is suddenly knocked to the ground, much to Piccolo's confusion.

Goku, having arrived at the scene of the battle, looks angrily at King Piccolo. Piccolo and Tien are both shocked, having believed that Goku was dead. Tien is glad to see that Goku is alive, and Goku says that he thought it was Tien fighting Piccolo. Goku asks if Piccolo changed his face, and Piccolo informs him that he has regained his youth and is now much more powerful. Tien tells Goku to run, but a now-risen Drum tells Goku that he will not allow that. King Piccolo tells Drum to kill both Goku and Tien, and Drum begins to move to attack Goku. Goku, however, hits Drum with a knee to the face. Piccolo and Tien are stunned.







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