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"Tenshinhan's Resolve" (天津飯の決意!! Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!, lit. "Tenshinhan’s Determination!!") is the one hundred fifty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Tien Shinhan looking up determinedly at a grinning King Piccolo, with King Castle in the background on the right.


Tien notices the electric rice cooker is broken

Tien notices the electric rice cooker is broken

As King Piccolo's television broadcast continues, he shows the people of Earth a box containing 43 numbered cards, one for each of the planet's districts. He says that every year on May 9, the date of his ascension, he will draw a card and destroy the corresponding district. He also challenges anyone who disagrees with this to try and stop him. Yamcha, watching form Kame House, and Tien, en route to the castle in an airplane, are outraged at the message. Tien vows to defeat Piccolo with the Evil Containment Wave. Piccolo then draws card number 29 out of the box, which he reveals is the district containing West City. Realizing that her parents are in danger, Bulma calls Tien and implores him to use the Evil Containment Wave, promising to revive him with the Dragon Balls if he does.

Tien says that he will indeed use the Evil Containment Wave, but informs Bulma that Shenron has been killed. An angered Yamcha vows to go fight as well. Tien reaches King Castle and sees Piccolo as he and Piano are about to take off in a hovercar. Tien yells out a challenge to the tyrant, who decides that he will make an example of Tien to discourage others from attacking him as well. Meanwhile, Goku approaches on his new Flying Nimbus. Piccolo and Piano descend to the ground outside King Castle, and Piccolo invites Tien to do the same. As he is about to descend, Tien is shocked to see that his Electric Rice Cooker has cracked. Despite realizing that he cannot use the Evil Containment Wave now, Tien nevertheless descends to fight.

Piccolo is surprised that Tien can fly, but is still undaunted. Tien says that Piccolo is arrogant. Piccolo says that he will first introduce Tien to his new servant, as the situation is not worth dirtying his hands over. Piccolo, much to Tien's confusion, spits up a large egg. A large, hideous monster quickly hatches, which Piccolo names Drum. Tien vows to show them his abilities.





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