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Tenshi is a Cherub type angel and Ackman's main nemesis in Akira Toriyama's Go! Go! Ackman manga.


Tenshi is a childlike angel who wears a belt, pants, boots, and gloves similar to Innocent Buu/Good Buu.


Tenshi takes his duty as an angel and job of protecting Earth from demons very seriously to the point of obsession, making him incredibly reckless and ironically a danger to the Earthlings he is supposed to protect, as his various attempts to kill his nemesis Ackman often result in collateral damage and the deaths of innocent bystanders including innocent children causing him to be arrested by the Earth Police after he is captured by Ackman for the ¥2,000,000 reward.

However his arrest only makes him more determined to kill Ackman by hiring assassins and after being released from prison, trains his body to become muscular only to fail to kill Ackman once again.

In Resurrection ‘F’ manga, Tenshi works as one of the Angels of Earth's Hell assigned to watch over the former Galactic Emperor of Universe 7, an assignment more suitable for someone like Tenshi who is shown aiming his bow & arrow at the evil tyrant, showing he takes his job of watching over the villain seriously which is wise given the tyrant's power and personality (as Frieza wouldn't hesitate to attempt to escape his confines if given the opportunity given how much he hates his "punishment" in Earth's Hell).

However in Victory Mission, it is implied he retains his rivalry with Ackman as it is presumably the reason behind Tenshi participating in the same Dragon Ball Heroes tournament as Ackman, though fortunately the tournament participants uses cards and the Dragon Ball Heroes machines which keeps Tenshi from causing collateral damage like he did in Go! Go! Ackman.


Go! Go! Ackman

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Tenshi in the Ackman OVA

As a defender of the peace on Earth, Tenshi is an opponent of demons. Having thought that Ackman was dead, Tenshi is shocked to find him out and tries to kill him to prevent him from committing his crimes. He fails miserably, killing innocent people in the process: he tries to hit Ackman with a missile, but misses and hits a school bus full of children instead, making the fortune and happiness of Ackman. Tenshi is soon arrested by the police, thanks to Ackman defeating him and turning him in for the ¥2,000,000 reward. After being released from jail, Tenshi hires various agents who cost him always more and more expensive to kill Ackman, all in vain: Michel Yamada, Master Yakimo Hedel, and Miss Josephine Matsumoto. Tenshi then trains in order to beat his enemy himself, he becomes very muscular, but his attempt to defeat Ackman fails once again.

Resurrection ‘F’

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Tenshi in Earth's Hell in Resurrection ‘F’ manga

In the Resurrection ‘F’ manga , Tenshi appears in Earth's Hell as a member of the Angels of Hell tasked with overseeing the cocooned Mecha Frieza.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Tenshi in Victory Mission

Ackman and Tenshi appear in the fourth chapter of Victory Mission, in the Heroes Stadium in Satan Mall. They are contestants and opponents in the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament.


  • Hikou - By using his angel wings, Tenshi has the ability to fly naturally without ki.
  • Super Angel Punch - A punch attack that Tenshi attempts to use on Ackman after his machine gun runs out of ammo, but Ackman knocks him out with a punch of his own thus he never actually completes the attack beyond saying its name. According to Tenshi, it is his killer punch however it is unknown if it is actually capable of killing a demon like Ackman (as he is shown to be immune to Earthling firearms).

Equipment & Vehicles

  • Gun - A hangun that Tenshi attempted to use to kill Ackman after realizing he was planning to kill innocent humans, only for him to miss and accidentally kill an innocent bystander who's soul Ackman collects. Later when he's on the run from the police, Tenshi uses a machine gun after his attempt to kill Ackman with a grenade fails, but he ends up killing a old lady that Ackman had warned running out of ammo forcing Tenshi to fight Ackman unarmed.
  • Rocket Launcher - Attempted to use one to kill Ackman, though it missed killing a school bus full of innocent children, leading to Tenshi to resort to using a tank to kill Ackman.
  • Tank - After his Rocket Launcher attack failed, Tenshi resorts to trying to kill Ackman with a Tank, but ends up demolishing the entire town they were in, killing countless innocent people, to the point Ackman & Goldon were able to fill their jar full of souls and even caused Ackman to suggest he and Tenshi join forces.
  • Sunglasses - Tenshi wears a pair of sunglasses to disguise himself after he becomes wanted for mass murder as a result of his failed attempts to kill Ackman.
  • Grenade - Used in an attempt to kill Ackman while on the run from the police, but he only ends up destroying Ackman's new car that he bought with the money he got for the all the poor souls Tenshi killed.
  • Dirty Magazine - After Ackman kills the martial artists Master Yakimo Hedel that Tenshi had hired, he notices Ackman freaks out at the sight of naked women in an adult magazine he notices as he is leaving. Tenshi picks it up and realizes that attractive women are Ackman's weak point.
  • Bow & Arrow - As a member of the Angels of Hell, Tenshi wields a bow & arrow.
  • Dragon Ball Heroes machines - A machine used by Tenshi to play Dragon Ball Heroes in Victory Mission.

Video game appearances

  • Go Go Ackman (Super Famicom)
  • Go Go Ackman 2 (Super Famicom)
  • Go Go Ackman (GameBoy)
  • Go Go Ackman 3 (Super Famicom)

People Killed by Tenshi

  • Innocent Earthlings - Inadvertently killed several by Tenshi during his various attempts to kill Ackman.
    • A Farmer - Inadvertently killed when his attempt to shoot Ackman with his gun.
    • School Bus full of children - Inadvertently killed when a missile Tenshi tried to use against Ackman hit their school bus.
    • Numerous Townsfolk - Inadvertently killed with his tank.
    • Old Woman - Inadvertently killed while hunting for Ackman after destroying the demon's new car with a grenade.


  • Tenshi bears a slight resemblance to Krillin.
  • Despite his occupation as an angelic defender of Earth, his role in the deaths of innocent Earthlings resulted in him ironically being considered as a criminal and murderer by Earth law enforcement, leading to his arrest and imprisonment to the delight of Tenshi's nemesis, Ackman who turned him in for the ¥2,000,000 reward.
  • After learning of Ackman's weakness, Tenshi is briefly shown reading the last page of the first chapter of Go! Go! Ackman which shows Ackman's reaction to an attractive woman in a bikini (this kind of comical fourth wall breaking is not uncommon in Akira Toriyama's work).

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