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Tenshi is a Cherub type angel and Ackman's main nemesis in Akira Toriyama's Go! Go! Ackman manga.


Go! Go! Ackman


Tenshi in the Ackman OVA

As a defender of the peace on Earth, Tenshi is an opponent of demons. Having thought that Ackman was dead, Tenshi is shocked to find him out and tries to kill him to prevent him from committing his crimes. He fails miserably, killing innocent people in the process: he tries to hit Ackman with a missile, but misses and hits a school bus full of children instead, making the fortune and happiness of Ackman. Tenshi is soon arrested by the police, thanks to Ackman. After being released from jail, Tenshi hires various agents who cost him always more and more expensive to kill Ackman, all in vain: Michel Yamada, Master Yakimo Hedel, and Miss Josephine Matsumoto. Tenshi then trains in order to beat his enemy himself, he becomes very muscular, but his attempt to defeat Ackman fails once again.

Resurrection ‘F’

Hell Revival of F

In the Resurrection ‘F’ manga , Tenshi appears in Earth's Hell.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission


Tenshi in Victory Mission

Ackman and Tenshi appear in the fourth chapter of Victory Mission, in the Heroes Stadium in Satan Mall. They are contestants and opponents in the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament.

Video game appearances

  • Go Go Ackman (Super Famicom)
  • Go Go Ackman 2 (Super Famicom)
  • Go Go Ackman (GameBoy)
  • Go Go Ackman 3 (Super Famicom)


  • Tenshi bears a slight resemblance to Krillin.

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