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Recoome unleashes a barrage of deadly blasts against Gohan

"Tenka Wakeme no Chou-Kessen" is a background music track (BGM), produced by Toei Animation and composed by prolific Japanese composer, Shunsuke Kikuchi. The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z series.

The track played during the Vegeta Saga, Namek Saga, Captain Ginyu Saga, and Frieza Saga and matched the battles of Raditz, Nappa, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Recoome, Guldo, Captain Ginyu, Frieza, the Illusion Saiyans, King Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta.

The track is confirmed to play during the following scenes:

Tenka Wakeme no Chou-Kessen as BGM

Raditz seeks Goku

1. "The New Threat" - plays when Raditz seeks Goku with his scouter while he's in flight and remembers the day that Goku was sent to Earth as an infant.

Raditz after he dashes at Piccolo and Goku

2. "Unlikely Alliance" - plays after Raditz quickly dashes at both Piccolo and Goku, hitting them with his elbows and rendering them in complete awe of his speed.

Gohan when he's enraged

3. "Piccolo's Plan" - plays when Gohan erupts with rage, exploding out from the Saiyan space pod and completely surprising Raditz, who is left in shock at the child's enormous power.

Raditz and Goku are fatally wounded

4. "Gohan's Rage" - plays directly after Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon pierces through Raditz and Goku in rapid succession, fatally wounding them both. Raditz and Goku are seen falling in slow motion, both losing a tremendous amount of blood.

Piccolo as he tosses Gohan to test his skill

5. "No Time Like the Present" - plays when Piccolo tosses Gohan rapidly into a boulder head-first, forcing Gohan to unleash his hidden powers and successfully explode the entire boulder.

Gohan assumes the ape form

6. "Gohan Goes Bananas" - plays as Gohan transforms into a gigantic ape and goes haywire, crashing through the rocks under him, stomping on the ground below, and slamming his fists into the mountains, causing a great amount of debris. He then proceeds to mouth blast entire mountains around him.

A Hawk and Pterodactyl quarrel

7. "The Strangest Robot" - plays as a gigantic hawk struggles against an equally large pterodactyl while holding Gohan as its prey in the chaos. Eventually, the hawk loses its grip and Gohan falls down into a dune in the sand, skidding into a hole in the middle.

Gohan's friend is attacked

8. "A New Friend" - plays when a large carnivorous dinosaur attacks Gohan's friend, a Brontosaur, and proceeds to eat him in front of Gohan.

The Arlian King is killed

9. "Terror on Arlia" - plays when the large Yetti is destroyed by a large blast from Nappa and Vegeta proceeds to kill the Arlian King as he begs for his life.

Gohan is caught in the Earthquake

10. "Global Training" - plays as the mountains and ground shake from vibrations and Gohan falls into a crevice in the ground.

Raditz in Piccolo's flashback

11. "Dueling Piccolos" - plays as Piccolo remembers how he unleashed the Special Beam Cannon against Raditz, who dodged it and mocked Piccolo.

An Illusion Saiyan holds Tien in his tight grip

12. "Pendulum Room Peril" - plays in the Pendulum Room as Tien Shinhan rushes at the Illusion Saiyans, and is beaten by them, as well as kept in a headlock. Yamcha proceeds to throw a Spirit Ball at the Saiyans to save his comrade.

Piccolo dodges Gohan in his ape form

13. "The End of Snake Way" - plays as Piccolo dodges Gohan's tremendous blasts while he's in his ape form. Piccolo proceeds to throw a blast at Gohan, only to have the giant ape catch the blast, halting it instantly.

Yamcha dies with a kamikaze Saibaman

14. "Saibamen Attack!" - plays as a Saibaman surprises Yamcha from behind by grabbing him and smiling as it self-destructed in order to kill Yamcha along with it.

Nappa's wrath is unleashed against Piccolo and Krillin

15. "Sacrifice" - plays as Piccolo and Krillin make duplicates of themselves using their split form technique and attack Nappa, which turns into an all-out brawl with ferociously swift punches, kicks, and dodges. Nappa ends up ending the chaos with a charged punch to Krillin's duplicates and brutal kicks to Piccolo's duplicates, sending them crashing back into their original selves.

Piccolo attempts to grab Nappa's tail

16. "Nimbus Speed" - plays as Krillin rushes at Nappa with ferocity and propels himself into the sky to distract Nappa, leaving him open for Piccolo's attempt to grab his tail. Although Piccolo does grab his tail, Nappa is not affected by it.

Goku dodges Nappa's relentless attacks

17. "Goku's Arrival" - plays as Nappa rushes at Goku with everything he's got in a relentless flurry of charged kicks and punches. Goku proceeds to dodge all his ferocious attacks and appears behind him, completely shocking his opponent.

Vegeta assumes his Giant Ape form

18. "Spirit Bomb Away!" - plays as Vegeta's artificial source of light is seen in the sky and Vegeta turns into a giant ape, increasing his size tremendously and leaving Goku in shock.

Krillin uses the collected energy to form the Spirit Bomb

19. "Krillin's Offensive" - plays immediately as the episode begins and Krillin can be seen holding light energy, encircling around his hand. Gohan and Vegeta are locked in swift combat in midair as Krillin continues to hold this massive energy. Vegeta manages to knock Gohan down from the sky as Goku tells Krillin to clear his mind so he'd be able to succeed. Krillin successfully manages to form the Spirit Bomb, its round light emanating from above his hand.

Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma fall into a trap

20. "Friends or Foes?" - plays as a trap door opens underneath Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma and they fall through. Krillin and Gohan blast repeatedly to raise themselves above the ground, using the blasts to thrust upward and hold onto Bulma. They successfully make it back to the top of the trap and the metal door seals shut again.

The giant attempts to attack Gohan and Krillin

21. "The Search Continues" - plays as the giant attempts to hit Gohan and Krillin in midair. Gohan and Krillin proceed to smash into the giant's face. The giant simply deflects them once again as Bulma tinkers with the control panel on the plane she's in, attempting to escape.

Cui's body is knocked into the air by Vegeta

22. "Frieza Strikes!" - plays the instant Cui attempts to flee from Vegeta after witnessing the Saiyan's enhanced power and speed. Vegeta relentlessly flies after Cui, appearing directly in front of him, jabbing him in the stomach, and sending him sprawling. Vegeta then mercilessly explodes Cui to death in midair.

Dodoria mercilessly snaps Moori's neck

23. "The Hunted" - plays the instant when Dodoria attacks Moori, rushing at him instantaneously with a full-frontal slam to the face. Dodoria then disappears and reappears behind Moori, grabbing his neck in a tight hold. Frieza and Zarbon watch as Dodoria continues to hold his grip. Krillin and Gohan are completely enraged at this point but remain silent. Dodoria then ruthlessly snaps Moori's neck, breaking it. Dodoria allows Moori's deceased body to topple to the ground.

Piccolo attempts to dodge Tien's punch

24. "Piccolo vs. Everyone" - plays when Tien and Yamcha punch at Piccolo during their training regiment on King Kai's planet. Piccolo dodges their attacks, but Chiaotzu grabs his leg. As Piccolo is distracted, Tien punches him in the face and Yamcha strikes him in the stomach.

Krillin and Gohan are surprised to find that Vegeta has followed them

25. "Hidden Power" - plays just as Krillin and Gohan are headed for Guru's but Krillin realizes that Vegeta is following them, quickly rotating and telling Gohan to wait. They both sense Vegeta and become terrified. Krillin says that he'll stay behind and hold him off while Gohan proceeds to Guru's. Gohan agrees and flies off as Krillin drops his bag, ready to face Vegeta.

Guldo pulls off his Time Freeze technique

26. "Guldo's Mind Binds" - plays as Krillin and Gohan take a charged assault at Guldo and disappear before reaching him. Guldo becomes shocked at their abilities, looking in all directions as they appear closer and closer. Guldo's eyes are seen rotating in opposite directions out of frustration and he is forced to pull off his time freeze technique to halt them dead in their tracks. Guldo is surprised to see that both Krillin and Gohan are almost directly in front of him as they are in the frozen state.

Vegeta slams into Recoome

27. "Recoome Unleashed" - plays as Vegeta rapidly emerges from the water below and slams into Recoome, repeatedly pummeling his fists into the brute while in the sky. Vegeta continues this assault until Recoome regains his strength and grabs Vegeta, smiling. Recoome holds Vegeta tight as he pile-drives him downward and face first, painfully sinking him into the ground.

Recoome unleashes his deadly Bomber

28. "Let the Battle Begin" - plays when Recoome dodges Gohan's maneuvers with ease and unleashes his devastating Bomber technique against Gohan, a continuous and extremely rapid precision of deadly blasts with maniacal ferocity. Gohan attempts to dodge this deadly attack with multiple back-flips and Recoome appears behind him, knocking him down with overwhelmingly powerful hits.

Captain Ginyu is pummeled by Gohan and Krillin

29. "Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!!" - plays when Krillin and Gohan go all out against Captain Ginyu in Goku's body. Captain Ginyu attempts to dodge their slew of attacks but is eventually hit by their powerful combination of relentless punches. Krillin and Gohan manage to punch Ginyu directly in the gut and simultaneously slam their feet into his face, sending him backwards in the air, losing his scouter, and crashing into Frieza's ship. Ginyu's body bounces off the ship and rotates in the air as he attempts to regain his composure. Ginyu is annoyed and is seen baring his teeth after Gohan and Krillin's successful attack.

King Vegeta attacks Frieza's soldiers

30. "Fighting Power: One Million??" - plays as King Vegeta and his forces strike against Frieza's soldiers. They attack the soldiers without hesitation as they are shot at with blasters. One of the soldiers manages to blast through King Vegeta's cape, but is also struck down by him with a kick. Many of the soldiers attempt to grab King Vegeta from behind but are completely knocked backward as King Vegeta also blocks a slew of blasts from numerous other soldiers. He then proceeds to eliminate the remaining opposition using a single blast. They are reduced to dust with a wave of his hand.

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