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Temporal Do-Over (時間巻き戻し Jikan makimodoshi) is a technique used by Whis.


Whis has the ability to travel back in time up to three minutes in the past, allowing him to undo any events that occurred. As he is the God of Destruction Beerus' attendant and teacher, Whis often uses this technique to undo damage caused by Beerus when he destroys something by mistake and/or does something stupid.


Whis mentions that in the past, Beerus woke up and sneezed blowing up two of his planet's Suns, forcing Whis to use his Temporal Do-Over to travel back in time and prevent it. After Frieza destroys the Earth, Whis uses this ability to undo the destruction of the Earth by Frieza, allowing Goku to kill Frieza with his God Kamehameha, preventing him from destroying the Earth. Whis later uses this technique in the "Future" Trunks Saga to undo Gowasu's death caused by Zamasu.

Whis states in Dragon Ball Super that he cannot reuse the technique for some time after he uses it. It is also revealed that this technique can disrupt and potentially erase the original time flow, as besides Future Trunks traveling back in time, this technique was the only factor responsible for any of the main timeline's events to be averted and has shown that several times in Dragon Ball Super.

Video Game Appearances

Temporal Do-Over appears in Dragon Ball Heroes, the characters are above planet Earth's stage facing Golden Frieza. If the player manages to reach the third round, in Frieza's turn to attack he will revert to his Final Form and will launch his Death Ball directly to the planet, thus destroying it. Whis then will hit the ground with his staff twice and the time will regress to the moment before Frieza loses his Golden Form, and the battle will continue normally (for this special in-game cutscene to occur, one of the characters of the player must be Whis, otherwise Frieza will remain in his Golden Form during the whole battle).

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it appears as a Special Move under the name Time Rewind. It can be learned by Whis and Vados. It can also be learned by Neryl after reaching Level 99.