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Changes - As of December 2012, some changes on the Wiki! New background skin, slight tweaks to the color scheme, series and character portals (below the image slider), and a community links section (replacing "Popular forum topics" on the left side. Feel free to contribute any way you can, any feedback and discussions regarding the changes is appreciated by the community as a whole.

Videos - We now encourage users to upload premium, licensed videos, which can be found in the Wikia Video Library. Other videos are not allowed due to copyright issues. Please experiment with the video upload and embedding tools, but do not add them to articles at this time.

Articles - in August 2012 we reached 4,500 articles. Next goal is 5000, great job everyone!

Citation Corps - is in the workings of being brought back to life. The group needs new members willing to take up the mantle. For information, click here!

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