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<noinclude><div style="width: 300px"><!-- for preview --></noinclude>
{{Featured Quote/quote|image=Vegeta87.PNG|Vegeta|[[Goku|You]] noticed the [[Heart Virus|anomaly]] in your body But you turned into a [[Super Saiyan]] anyway! You fool! You knew it would only put more strain on your heart! My target has always been you, Kakarot. Someone drag him and give him his [[Heart Medicine|medicine]]!<br>}}<noinclude></div>[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
{{Featured Quote/quote|image=Broly34.PNG|Broly|It's not right for [[Cheelai|you]] to say bad things about [[Paragus|him]]. He's my dad.

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It's not right for you to say bad things about him. He's my dad. !
~ Broly

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