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This template displays a small icon of one or more specific DB series depending on what values are inserted. This is commonly used for infoboxes and navboxes.


{{DB Series|series}}

  • Series: Entering a value for a DB series (acceptable inputs located here) will display a small icon for that series.

For example, entering:

{{DB Series|DBZ}}

displays this icon:
Z Ball
. To display multiple icons, enter multiple codes separated by a vertical bar (|). For example, {{DB Series|DBZ|DBGT}} displays the two icons
Z Ball
  • Available icons are:
    4 Star Dragon Ball Edit
    Z Ball
    DBGT Logo
    DBS logo
    Kai logo nwg
    Super Dragon Ball Heroes Logo

Note:Please do not use the "Kai" logo (DBZK) for character infoboxes as any character appearing in Kai also appears in Z, thus making the logo redundant. The "Kai" logo should be only used for episode infoboxes and navigation boxes.

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