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Team Beerus[1] is a major faction formed by Beerus during the Tournament of Time in Dragon Ball Legends.


In Age 780 after the events of the Tournament of Power, Earth of Universe 7 mysteriously becomes host to another martial arts tournament called the Tournament of Time in which fighters from various eras, timelines, and even other Universes compete for a chance to make a wish to Super Shenron. However the Tournament is not what it seems as the Super Dragon Balls are currently unusable due to the wish to restore the Universes erased during the Tournament of Power and the tournament itself turns the entire Earth into a battlefield between the various participates and various villains run rampant threatening innocents in addition to the fellow Tournament participates.

Unbeknownst to the tournament participates, the tournament is the result of a mysterious individual blackmailing Beerus into setting up the tournament by holding the Supreme Kai Shin hostage forcing Beerus to comply due to the his Life Link with Shin. Beerus has King Kai telepathically inform the participates of the tournament and its prize as instructed. However Beerus is not one to take being used lightly, so he enlists the help of the present era's Goku and Jaco to help him investigate the tournament in order to find out what the mysterious mastermind behind it is planning as well as learn his identity.


Unfortunately, he can't just send Goku and his friends to handle the situation due to their close association with both Beerus and Shin. As a result, he scouts out some of the tournament participates to assist him. He has Jaco protect Bulma's teenage counterpart from before the summer vacation where she went on the search for the Dragon Balls that lead to her historic meeting with Goku and their various adventures.

Bulma's Bodyguards

Bulma and Jaco literally run into an amnesic Saiyan named Shallot who they accidentally hit with their car due to Shallot's ignorance. Bulma manages to convince Shallot to become her bodyguard after he saves them from some Frieza Force soldiers turned highway robbers due to getting caught up in the tournament.

Jaco introduces Bulma and Shallot to Beerus and Whis when they encounter each other in the Capitol which Beerus has been using as a base due to the delicious food. Seeing potential in Shallot, Beerus and Whis keep tabs on his progress. Thanks to the aid of the mysterious swordman Zahha, Shallot barely manages to survive an encounter with Raditz which puts Kid Gohan's mentor Piccolo out if action, Beerus arranges to have the pre Saiyan invasion Vegeta and Nappa train Shallot, Gohan, and a somewhat reluctant Zahha, with Beerus threatening Vegeta with his and Nappa's destruction if he doesn't cooperate. Thanks to Vegeta and Nappa's training, Shallot and Gohan grow strong enough to beat Vegeta and Nappa in a fight making them more than capable of defeating Raditz who had been busy destroying a town. However Raditz is revealed to be under the influence of a mysterious Dark Ki that empowers him, though Shallot manages to defeat him with Gohan and Zahha.

Beerus uses Power Flick on Nappa when he tries to attack the God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Legends

After Raditz's defeat, Piccolo recovers and leaves with Gohan to continue their training as well as search for Gohan's father despite Beerus telling them it likely won't end well due to Goku's many enemies making the various incarnations of Goku all targets, as Shallot had previously learned having been saved by Super Saiyan Goku (one who had encountered the DBZ Era Broly before) from the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly after he killed Super Saiyan Future Trunks (who like Goku had also encountered the DBZ Era Broly) who was the first person Shallot met after finding himself in the present era. However Gohan believes that regardless of the era, his father won't give up no matter what trouble he ends up facing.

After Shallot eats and has some rest, Vegeta and Nappa return to the Capitol to recruit Shallot, revealing their association with Raditz. Vegeta is determined to recruit Shallot as his potential is far greater than Raditz making him the perfect replacement. After a brief fight during which Shallot discovers that Vegeta and Nappa have gotten stronger, Bulma tells them to stop before they destroy the city with Beerus backing her up. Beerus defeats the hotheaded Nappa with a finger flick after he tries to fight him despite Vegeta's orders not to and threatens to destroy them both if they don't leave as he lays claim to Shallot, whom he has been secretly hoping to recruit to his team along with Bulma and Zahha. Vegeta leaves though swears that Shallot will join him the next time they meet.

Recruiting Bulma & Shallot

Bulma inquires about what Beerus said regarding Shallot and Beerus decides to reveal the truth about the tournament. Calling present Goku to join them, whom Bulma doesn't recognize due to not having met the Goku of her time yet, though Shallot does though he wonders why Goku's hair is black inside of blonde as he is only familiar with Goku in his Super Saiyan form. Goku reveals saw the fight Shallot had with Vegeta and got to see young Vegeta again, though is surprised to see the young Bulma. When Bulma asks if Goku might be her future spouse, Jaco is quick to inform her he isn't. Whis manages to get everyone back on track and Beerus explains about being blackmailed to set up the tournament, Shin's kidnapping, and him ordering King Kai to inform everyone of the tournament. Beerus and Goku then reveal they want to recruit them to help investigate to find out the identity of the mastermind and what their ultimate goal is with the tournament. He gives them time to think it over. Bulma decides to follow Shallot's lead and Shallot plans to accept Beerus' offer, though Zahha not trusting Beerus decides to go off on his own, though that Shallot can count on him as an ally as he plans to investigate things his own way rather than follow Beerus.

Encounter with the Saiyan in Red

While out investigating with Jaco with Bulma staying in contact via communicator, Shallot finds several Frieza Force soldiers fleeing from a nearby town who freak out at the sight of Shallot and attack him. After dealing with the soldiers, Shallot and company discuss their odd reaction to Shallot and notice smoke coming from the nearby town with Shallot rushing off, leaving Jaco behind. While flying to the city, he talks to Bulma on the communicator though notices a familiar scent but he can't remember who it belongs to due to his amnesia.

In the town which he finds ruined, Shallot confronts Zarbon and Dodoria who accuse him of attacking both the town and their men. Shallot is forced to defend himself and defeats the pair only to encounter a Saiyan wearing a red cloak. Shallot is shocked to see this Saiyan in Red has the same face as his. The Saiyan in Red seems to know Shallot and seems determined to wring the life from him. Shallot is easily overwhelmed, though fortunately present Goku arrives in his Super Saiyan form via Instant Transmission and stops the Saiyan in Red from killing Shallot. Jaco contacts Shallot via the communicator to tell him he called in Goku for assistance. The Saiyan in Red is pleased to learn Goku is a Saiyan as well as it will save him time as he seems hellbent on killing fellow Saiyans. Together with Goku's help, they manage to overwhelm the Saiyan in Red who agrees he is not strong enough but swears he will hunt then down eventually, cryptically referring to Shallot as the "blood of the defeated" and Goku as the "blood of the tainted before claiming he will kill them both to restore balance.

Returning to the Capitol, the team regroup to discuss Shallot's doppelganger. Shallot has no idea who he is due to his amnesia. Jaco tells Shallot to calm down. Goku suggests they can find out with Beerus telling him to elaborate. Goku suggests that he face Shallot in a brief sparring session, allow him to compare his ki to that of the doppelganger. Moving away from the city so they can fight without worry, Goku goes Super Saiyan which Shallot has been eager to learn more about after having seen it several times during the tournament. Shallot says he's sure he'll surpass Goku soon enough and the two spare. Both Saiyans are impressed by each other's power, with Goku certain Shallot is well on the path to becoming a Super Saiyan. Beerus had Whis get a read Shallot's Ki during the battle and Whis realizes that Shallot Ki is slightly different and thanks to the Saiyan in Red's cryptic comments about the "blood of the defeat" and "blood of the tainted", he realizes that Shallot is an Ancient Saiyan from the early era of Saiyan history. In private, Beerus asks Whis his thoughts on Shallot. Whis suggests the Saiyan in Red may be Shallot with his original memories intact, as their Shallot has amnesia. Beerus agrees though also suggests they may be dealing with a situation similar to Goku Black.

Encounter with Turles

Shallot decides to train with Goku in the hopes of becoming a Super Saiyan. However Goku eventually stops to rest and eat while Shallot wants to keep training to the point he even refuses to stay and eat. After defeating some Frieza Force soldiers, Bulma and Jaco arrive to bring him some food they managed to grab before it was all eaten by Goku. Shallot agrees to eat due to his hunger though is quick to point out the amount of food only counts as a snack to him, causing Bulma to sarcastically call him master Shallot for treating her like some kind of maid. Suddenly Turles appears and suggests Shallot try some Fruit of the Tree of Might. Bulma mistakes him for Goku, bit Shallot's nose Turles' scent does not match Goku's and yells at her to get away from him. Unfortunately it is too late as Turles grabs Bulma and orders some Frieza Force lackeys to keep Shallot and Jaco busy.

To make matters worse, Frieza suddenly appears in his first form however he is acting out of character as he declares vengeance for what Shallot did to Zarbon and Dodoria, believing him to be the Saiyan in Red. Shallot and Jaco are no match for Frieza who fires a Death Beam that completely misses them, with Frieza revealing that it was all an act as part of a test and that he had no intention of avenging his men due to his survival of the fittest mentality. Frieza reveals that Turles is not working for him and that he is currently not in control of his Force. Frieza wishes to form an alliance with Shallot to help him regain control of the Frieza Force. Jaco convinces Frieza to give them time to think about his offer.

Alliance with Frieza?

Shallot and Jaco return to Beerus who is confused by Shallot's explaination of what happened even after he repeats it twice, causing Jaco to explain things instead. Goku is surprised Shallot managed to survive a fight with Frieza. Beerus finds Frieza's talk of an alliance suspicious though Goku points out that normally Frieza would just execute the mutineers and even tries to get Beerus to let him go investigate, but Beerus says no and orders Shallot to go as Frieza is their only lead on the one who took Bulma.

Without Jaco who stays behind as it is too dangerous and Frieza wouldn't likely trust a member of the Galactic Patrol, Shallot meets with Frieza and agrees to form an alliance in order to rescue Bulma from Turles and the rogue Frieza Force members. Frieza reveals that someone is impersonating him and quickly shoots down Shallot's suggestion that it is him from another era as Frieza notes that no Frieza would oppose another knowing they like him would choose to work with one another which fits with Frieza narcissism. He tasks Shallot and Appule (one of Frieza's few remaining loyalists) to find recruits from among the tournament participates.

Shallot decides to seek out his mentors Vegeta and Nappa. Vegeta accepts as Shallot will finally join forces with him and Nappa, believing that they can use the current power struggle within the Frieza Force to their advantage. Meanwhile Appule manages to recruit Android 19.

Frieza is pleased to see Shallot has recruited Vegeta and Nappa. However it turns out Android 19 was a spy sent by the rogue Frieza Force faction to flush out Frieza and his allies with Turles referring to Frieza as a fake to convince the soldiers to fight against their former master.

They manage to escape, but Frieza kills Appule for his mistake, enraging Shallot as he does not take kindly to people harming their allies. Shallot is knocked out and Vegeta reminds him that they must play along for now if he wants to rescue Bulma. Together with Frieza, the three Saiyans manage to defeat the Ginyu Force, with Captain Ginyu realizing that they have been tricked into opposing the true Lord Frieza. Frieza forgives the Ginyu Force as they are among his strongest fighters and the Ginyu Force is determined to atone for being fooled.

Shallot joins the Ginyu Force in gathering intel though gets roped into becoming a new recruit. Shallot seeks Jaco's advice on posing though the Ginyu Force find the Elite Pose that Jaco teaches him terrible to Shallot's anger and humiliation. Eventually the rogue faction's base is found though not by Shallot and the Ginyu Force due to the Ginyu Force goofing around.

Confronting the Imposter Frieza

They confront the rogue faction's troops with the Ginyu Force holding off the rank-and-file soldiers while Shallot, Vegeta, and Nappa infiltrate the ship with Frieza. There they find Frost who has been posing as Frieza. Frost reveals he wants revenge on Frieza for what happened during the Tournament of Power. Frost uses the Fruit of the Tree of Might Turles had been supplying him and his troops with to take on Frieza and his Saiyan allies. However Frieza discovered a weakness of the fruit, that eating too many in quick succession could backfire on the consumer. Frost is ultimately defeated and killed.

Frieza's Betrayal

Meanwhile Shallot is able to find Bulma who is taken back to Beerus by Goku using Instant Transmission. However Turles offers to form an alliance with Frieza revealing the fruits he supplied Frost with were imperfect and that he had kidnapped Bulma to assist Dr. Gero in perfecting the process to artificially grow them. Frieza agrees to form an alliance with Dr. Gero and Turles, ordering his men to eliminate Shallot, Vegeta, and Nappa as they had out lived their usefulness.

Shallot, Vegeta, and Nappa escape Frieza's Spaceship and while Vegeta faces Frieza, Shallot and Nappa take on the Ginyu Force. Nappa eventually decides to let Shallot go help Vegeta, despite his protests as he doesn't believe Nappa can handle them on his own, but Nappa forces him to believing it is his duty as Shallot's master.

Death of Vegeta

Shallot sensing Nappa and the Ginyu Force's ki disappear, decides to press on to join Vegeta in taking on Frieza in order to honor Nappa's sacrifice. Vegeta and Shallot face the tyrant who reveals his ability to transform to their shock. After Frieza reaches his final form, Shallot and Vegeta find themselves helpless against Frieza's might. In an effort to save his student, Vegeta takes a fatal hit that was meant for Shallot.

Shallot, The Super Saiyan

Enraged by Frieza's actions that lead to the deaths of his mentors, Shallot finally becomes a Super Saiyan and swears to avenge them having inherited his mentors' Saiyan pride. Frieza is no match for Shallot's new power and is eventually slain. However Shallot falls unconscious due to sheer exhaustion. He awakens to find Turles who is surprised by Shallot's transformation which he had always assumed was nothing but a mere legend. As he had previously, Turles repeats his past offer for Shallot to join him, but Shallot has had enough of Turles who has used both Frost and Frieza to further his own goals.

Turles, The Crusher

As he had previously, Turles offers Shallot a piece of the Fruit of the Tree of Might which he reveals is the genuine article and not the stop-gaps he had been supplying to the Frieza Force, Frost, & Frieza, demonstrating it by eating the fruit. Shallot however points out that Dr. Gero who has been helping Turles perfect and cultivate the fruit in exchange for helping him gathering genes from various fighters participating in the Tournament, is dead but Dr. Gero reveals himself to be alive revealing that the previous Dr. Gero that Shallot encountered was a spare body and points out that his current body is being remotely controlled though Shallot fails to understand due to his unfamiliarity with advanced technology. Dr. Gero doubts that a simpleton like Shallot could be of any help to them, but Turles notes Shallot's potential and points out that if Shallot joins them, then Bulma would be more willing to co-operate with them. However Shallot refuses to work with Turles and fights both him and Dr. Gero. Shallot destroys the remote controlled Dr. Gero. Turles however tries to convince Shallot to work with him, claiming that he knows someone who is looking forward to seeing Shallot's growth indicating he may know something about Shallot's past. However Shallot is tired of Turles' untrustworthiness and rejects the idea of relying on someone like Turles for answers about his forgotten past. Shallot goes Super Saiyan and fights Turles who uses the power gained from the Fruit of the Tree of Might and Shallot's exhaustion to his advantage. He tells Shallot that his plan is to fulfill the Saiyan's wish of a chaotic battle full of intrigue, betrayal, and conflict. However Super Saiyan Shallot angrily retorts that Vegeta and Nappa didn't give up their lives using such underhanded tactics and that Turles has diverged from the true path of the Saiyans. This causes Turles to suddenly remember his original wish was to grow stronger using the Fruit of the Tree of Might to conquer the universe. However suddenly a fog of Dark Ki surrounds Turles similar to what appeared during Shallot's final encounter with Raditz. The Dark Ki employed by Turles causes him to state that not even a Super Saiyan can match him. After a climatic battle between the two Saiyans, ends with both fighters collapsing due to sheer exhaustion though before falling unconscious Turles thanks Shallot for the battle which reminded him of what it truly meant to be a Saiyan. Eventually Bulma and Goku arrive through the use of Goku's Instant Transmission to check on Shallot. There they find Turles who is back to his former self. Goku lets him go out if respect for everything Shallot went through. Though Turles calls Kakarot soft for sparing him, he rewards Goku for sparing him by telling him that the "ultimate warrior" is coming to the tournament before leaving. Bulma expresses her frustration with Goku for letting Turles go especially considering he knows something about this ultimate warrior, though Goku notes that her counterpart would normally say that they'd be fine with him around, though the teenage Bulma says it sounds more like he's brainwashed her counterpart. Goku also tells her to call him Goku instead of Mr. Goku. Eventually Bulma gets fed up with Goku's laid back attitude and yells at him to help her carry Shallot back to the Capitol.

Rematch - Shallot VS Goku

After eating a ton and getting some rest, Shallot quickly recovers from his recent battles and Beerus asks him to fill them in on what happened. Shallot apologizes to Beerus for defying orders and fighting Frieza, though Beerus isn't angry about that and tells him to continue with the report. Bulma is shocked to learn that Vegeta and Nappa were killed, with Jaco noting it must be a shock to her as she is not use to people dying like her counterpart. Beerus thinks to himself that Bulma is always using the Dragon Balls to fix things, though Whis points out that the teenage Bulma isn't the same as her counterpart and to respect this Bulma's pureness as she is still young and lacks her counterpart's maturity and experience. Whis and Beerus explain to Bulma and Shallot that Vegeta and Nappa do not belong to this era and that their deaths have restored things more in line with their proper course, though Shallot points out he and Bulma aren't of this era either so its hard on them to see people they have come to know in this era die. Beerus and Whis however point out that in this tournament they either die or continue to investigate who's behind it to put things right. However the topic of Shallot's memory is brought up and Shallot wonders to himself if Turles was bluffing or if he really knew anything about him. Beerus also chews Goku out for letting Turles get away, but Shallot defends him noting that he'll take care of Turles himself. Beerus says this is why he hates working with Saiyans. Goku and Shallot talk about Shallot becoming a Super Saiyan and Shallot challenges Goku to fight him, declaring he will win this time and the two leave to fight. Beerus yells at them they are not finished, though Jaco points out that its why both Shallot and Goku have been restless all morning. Shallot pulls Jaco aside and says he's joining them as he needs to give him a pummeling for making him look like a idiot in front of the Ginyu Force due to the pose Jaco taught him. Jaco however insists the pose is cool, though Shallot is determined to get Jaco back for the humiliation. Goku and Shallot fight using their Super Saiyan forms, but Goku is still stronger due to having mastered his Super Saiyan form. Goku notes that Shallot can get even stronger hunting their is a level beyond Super Saiyan to Shallot who is relieved to know he can get even stronger, though he asks Goku if he can do it which Goku confirms causing Shallot to realize that Goku has been holding back and demands Goku fight him again as he is determined to close the gap between them. Meanwhile Jaco is humorously left beaten but still alive after the pummeling he received from Shallot, unhappy they forget him and left him behind.

Unbeknownst to Team Beerus, Turles has been freed from the influence of the Dark Ki and is determined to see the tournament through to the end, as he wants to find out who has been manipulating him. However the Saiyan in Red suddenly appears who Turles briefly assumes is Shallot before realizing he is the one that was manipulating him. With Turles having outlived his usefulness, the Saiyan in Red kills him, revealing that he is disgusted by how evil modern Saiyans like Turles are, though is somewhat surprised that Shallot was able to win despite possessing the "blood of the defeated", though declares he will be the one to restore the Saiyans to the true path, indicating he has some connection to the mastermind and the Dark Ki that was controlling Raditz and Turles.

Beyond Super Saiyan Training

Super Saiyan Shallot continues to train with Goku who notes he will be the judge as to whether Shallot is ready to achieve the level beyond Super Saiyan. After their match, Beerus, Jaco, & Bulma wonder how Saiyans can enjoy pummeling each other all the time, while Shallot reveals that the "itchy feeling" he gets while transformed (referring to the negative emotional effects of the untrained Super Saiyan form) is not as strong as it was when he first transformed and Goku reveals that he's on the right track as he must get rid of that itchy feeling completely. Beerus reveals that he has been waiting patiently for Shallot to continue his training as they will need it to deal with the "Ultimate Warrior" that Turles mentioned. However Shallot is overly confident he can defeat them. Beerus hopes he can back it up as his next mission is to deal with this ultimate warrior as its their only lead as they do not know where Turles is (as they are unaware that the Saiyan in Red killed him). Beerus points out that Dr. Gero might know something as he was working with Turles and Bulma suggests they investigate his lab in the Northern Mountains, but Goku reveals that Dr. Gero's Lab was destroyed long ago, however Bulma thinks Dr. Gero might have rebuilt it and that it is a lead worth investigating. Jaco says he will stay behind, pointing out that he doubts he could handle the ultimate warrior, though Bulma tells him that she'll guide him via the communicator, though she cheekily reveals she'll accompany him if he gets lonely, noting that it had been awhile since they had an adventure together in a seemingly flirtatious manner (though it is unclear if she is serious or just toying with Shallot), though Shallot quickly rebuffs her much like how Vegeta had done previously.

Investigation of Dr. Gero's Lab

Bulma guides Shallot to the location of Dr. Gero's Lab via the communicator and Shallot picks up the scent of oil, metal, and blood. Investigating the scent trail inadvertently leads Shallot right to the lab with Bulma noting Shallot's sense of smell is better than some dogs. Shallot smells a scent or combination of scents that includes Frieza, Vegeta, and Goku's scents. Jaco and Bulma suggest that Shallot is smelling traces of the "genes" that Turles had been acquiring for Dr. Gero. Suddenly Shallot is attacked by Android 19 who reveals itself to be one of several units mass produced by Dr. Gero. Shallot wonders what it is doing at the old lab which is pretty much abandoned and 19 reveals he was doing a routine security sweep to deal with any interlopers looking for intel. Shallot notes this 19 is much stronger than the one he encountered previously, with 19 noting that each new model created is made to be stronger than the last (in a manner similar to the Big Gete Star production of Metal Coolers).

Mysterious Interloper

Shallot and Android 19's battle is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious stranger who unbeknownst to Shallot is Dabura King of the Demon Realm. Attracted by Shallot who he notes has a large amount of Kili, he attacks 19 as the Android lacks Kili due to its lack of natural Ki. Shallot notes Dabura has a vaguely familiar scent. Android 19 identifies Dabura as an hostile entity and prepares to fight back, but Dabura hits him with Stone Spit which turns 19 completely into stone, but before turning completely 19 notes no such ability in his database and wonders who the interloper is. Shallot wonders if Dabura is a potential ally, only for him to attack Shallot who manages to dodge at the last second, to Dabura's elation. Dabura declares Shallot's Kili is his and attacks with Shallot realizing that Dabura holding back and if he were using his full power he'd be stronger than Frieza wonder just who he is. Eventually Dabura uses Stone Spit on Shallot who finds himself rendered helpless.

Reunion with Zahha

Suddenly a voice calls out and Shallot is restored back to normal. To his surprise, Shallot has been saved once again by Zahha's magic. Zahha tells Shallot they can catch up later as they need to deal with Dabura first. Dabura notes Zahha dispelled his Stone Spit and surmises that Zahha is also a denizen of Demon Realm and Shallot realizes Zahha and Dabura's scents are similar thus explaining why Dabura smelled familiar. However Zahha states Dabura is on the wrong end of the stick and that his home no longer exists without elaborating any further. The pair fight Dabura with Zahha using his magic to prevent Dabura from using stone spit as he realizes that Dabura intends to capture them as seeks their Kili, with Dabura noting Zahha also has a large amount of Kili. Zahha points out that as long as he is around, Dabura will be unable to use his Stone Spit and since he isn't willing to kill them, it is effectively a stalemate. Dabura realizing that Zahha assessment is correct decides to leave them be for the time being but declares he will return eventually to harvest there Kili.

Afterwards, Shallot is at a loss for words as there is so much he wants to ask him. Zahha notes Shallot hasn't changed as he's still more brawn than brains, while Shallot retorts Zahha is as snide as ever. Zahha starts to suggest that they share intell, but is interrupted by a call from Future Mai who contacts Zahha via his communicator which is similar to Shallot's. Shallot wonders who she is and Zahha asks him to help him out with a mission he is currently working on. Jaco however interjects saying Beerus won't like it, but Shallot says he'll go help Zahha complete his mission to repay him for saving him from Dabura.


Primary Members
  • Beerus (Present Era Universe 7 God of Destruction; Leader)
  • Whis (Present Era Universe 7 Guide Angel; Beerus' Attendant)
  • Goku (Present Era Universe 7 Saiyan; Protector of Earth)
  • Teen Bulma (Pre-DB Era Universe 7 Earthling; Teen Scientist/Genius)
  • Shallot (Amnestic Universe 7 Ancient Saiyan/Super Saiyan God race; Bulma's Bodyguard)
  • Jaco (Present Era Universe 7 Galactic Patrolman; Bulma's Bodyguard)
  • Bardock (Pre-DB/Father of Goku timeline; Ally of Shallot)
  • Cabba (Pre-DBS Era Universe 6]] Saiyan; Earth's Resistance; Student of Shallot)
  • Caulifla (Pre-ToP Era Universe 6 Saiyan Gangster; Ally of Shallot & Cabba)
  • Kale (Pre-ToP Era Universe 6 Saiyan Gangster; Ally of Shallot & Cabba after being freed from the Dark Ki)
  • Teen Future Trunks (Post-Future Gohan's Death Era Earthling-Saiyan Hybrid; Protector of Earth)
    • Trunks (Pre-25th World Tournament Era Earthling-Saiyan Hybrid; Ally of Shallot & Cabba after their assistance fighting Bojack during the Super Cell Games)
  • Goten (Pre-25 World Tournament Era Earthling-Saiyan Hybrid; Ally of Shallot & Cabba after their assistance fighting Bojack during the Super Cell Games)
Temporary Members/Supporters
  • Zahha (Swordsman Unknown Era; Friend of Shallot; Earth's Resistance)
  • Gohan (Post-Raditz Saga Era Universe 7 Earthling-Hybrid; Trains under Vegeta & Nappa with Shallot & Zahha)
    • Teen Gohan (Post-Cell Games Universe 7 Earthling-Hybrid; Protector of Earth; Earth's Resistance)
    • Adult Gohan (Pre-Potential Unleashed Universe 7 Earthling-Hybrid; Protector of Earth)
    • Ultimate Gohan (Post-Potential Unleashed Universe 7 Earthling-Hybrid Protector of Earth; after being freed from Super Buu)
  • Piccolo (Post-Raditz Saga Era Universe 7 Namekian)
    • Piccolo (Post-Cell Era Super Namekian; Earth's Resistance; Killed by Dabura while trying to prevent New Cell from becoming Perfect)
    • Piccolo (Super Buu Era Super Namekian; after being freed from Super Buu)
  • Vegeta (Pre-Saiyan Invasion Universe 7 Saiyan Prince; Shallot's Mentor; Killed by Frieza after he ends his alliance with Shallot)
    • Majin Vegeta (DBZ Era Saiyan Prince of Destruction)
  • Nappa (Pre-Saiyan Invasion Universe 7 Mid-class soldier; Shallot's Mentor)
  • Future Mai (DBS Era Universe 7 Earthling; Earth's Resistance)
  • Android 16 (Pre-Cell Games Universe 7 Mechanical Android; after being freed from Dr. Gero's reprogramming; repaired by Bulma; Self Destructed to take out Bojack during the Super Cell Games)
  • Android 17 (Androids Conflict Era; Absorbed by New Cell)
  • Android 18 (Android Conflict Era; Absorbed by New Cell)
  • Hercule (Pre-Cell Games Universe 7 Earthling; World Champion of Earth; Assists an injured Zahha during the Super Cell Games so Zahha can use his healing powers to help Shallot and Teen Gohan defeat New Cell)
  • Adult Chi-Chi (Pre-23rd World Tournament; Allies herself with Shallot & Caulifla while looking for Goku)
  • Kid Goku (DB Era; Befriends Shallot after encountering him and Caulfila with Chi-Chi)
  • Nail (Pre-DBZ Universe 7 Namekian; Earth's Resistance; Killed by Bido after he attacked Bujin to help Cabba)
Allied Factions
  • Z Fighters (Various Eras)
    • Earth's Resistance (Tournament of Time; a faction of it was formed by Future Mai to deal with threats to Earth's civilians such as New Cell)
  • Frieza Force (During the temporary alliance with Frieza)
    • Ginyu Force (During the temporary alliance with Frieza)
    • Combatants (During the temporary alliance with Frieza; some members assist Team Beerus and their allies a various points during the tournament)
  • Team Bardock (Pre-DB; Father of Goku timeline; members assist Shallot at several points during the Tournament)
  • Caulfila's Gang (Tournament of Time; Caulifla manages to force two combatants to become her underlings during her and Shallot's search for Kale; Caulfila and Kale assist Shallot & Team Beerus after Kale is freed from Babidi's Dark Ki)
  • Kamikaze Fireballs (Universe 2 Magical Girls; formerly adversaries, members assist Shallot after Ribrianne is freed from the Dark Ki)
Fused Members
  • Gotenks (Fusion Dance; Pre-25th World Tournament Goten & Trunks; fused to combat Super Janemba with Goten and Trunks having learned to fuse at some point during their adventures in the Tournament of Time)


  • Present Goku was responsible for dubbing the group Team Beerus after Shallot thanked him for coming to his aid after their first encounter with the Saiyan in Red.[1]


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