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Taro Soramame (空豆タロウ Soramame Tarō) is a Police officer and resident of Penguin Village. He is a close friend of Arale Norimaki and Akane Kimidori as well as the son of Kurikinton Soramame, older brother of Peasuke Soramame and husband of Tsururin Tsun.

He is a main supporting character in Akira Toriyama's previous series, Dr. Slump as well as a minor character in the Dragon Ball manga, anime and Dragon Ball Super.


Taro's appearance out of uniform is reminiscent of a 1950s greaser with a pompadour and always wears sunglasses.


During his middle school and high school years, he was a "bad boy" who always tries to act cool doing such acts as smoking cigarettes underaged and driving motor scooters without a license. His little brother Peasuke who looks up to him and aspires to be like him but Taro would tease him because of his height and his animal hat. While Taro's career choice of becoming a police officer is ironic, he chose it because he gets to carry a gun around and continue wearing sunglasses all the time but was also confirmed a few times in the Dr. Slump series through the many visions of the future it has.



Taro at age 5 (far left)

Taro was born in Age 730 on September 24th. He grew up living at the Soramame Barber Shop which was run by his father Kurikinton Soramame. He has been smoking cigarettes since he was 5 years old.[3] During his middle school years he was captain of the baseball team.[4]

Dr. Slump

Younger Taro in Dr. Slump

Taro first met Arale when she followed Akane to meet up with them. He tried to intimidate her, but Arale broke a tree with her bare hands, stunning Taro and gaining his respect for her. Later on, when the Tsun's come to Penguin Village, Taro falls in love with Tsururin Tsun. After graduating from high school, Taro becomes a police officer (because he is allowed to carry a gun and wear dark glasses all the time).

Dragon Ball

Taro aiming at General Blue

Taro is seen driving off on his motorcycle with Tsururin after school got out. He later on gives Akane a ticket for speeding but Goku shows up with Arale and the Gatchan on the Flying Nimbus. After Akane fails to ride the Nimbus, Taro tries and fails at it too. Taro is then warned by Goku that the Red Ribbon Army is in Penguin Village. Taro drives off in fear and tells Gala and Pagos about this and then end up finding General Blue. Pagos, Gara and Taro attempt to arrest Blue but end up failing when he breaks the hand cuffs, crushes all their guns into a ball and takes their police car. Taro is seen worn out dragging himself into the Coffee Pot warning Tsukutsun and Akane. Later on he is with the rest of the Penguin Village Police Force getting armed up to take on Blue but end up wasting their time shooting down King Nikochan's spaceship instead.


Ten years later in Age 759, he is married to his girlfriend Tsururin and lives in Anguirus Apartments where Midori Norimaki used to live.

Taro along with the rest of Earth's population was killed during the Majin Buu conflict but were all later resurrected by the Namekian dragon Porunga. He died again later when Frieza destroyed the Earth in an attempt to kill the Dragon Team, but his death was undone when Whis used his Temporal Do-Over. It is confirmed that Taro lives past the age of 75 in Age 805.[5]

Dragon Ball Super

Taro seen briefly in Dragon Ball Super

Taro is seen at the Coffee Pot sitting at a table with Peasuke when Arale busts in to say hi to everyone on her way home.

Other Media

Dr. Slump remake

Taro in the Dr. Slump remake

In the 1997 remake of Dr. Slump, Taro's look was changed, Instead of looking like a "Greaser" like in the original series he was changed to having blonde spiked hair.

Victory Mission

Taro, Peasuke, and Akane in Victory Mission

Taro Soramame, Peasuke Soramame, and Akane Kimidori make a cameo in the sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, in their 1997 remake appearance. They are at Satan Mall, in the Heroes Stadium, during the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament final match between Beat and Froze.

Live-action commercial

Live-action version of Akane, Peasuke and Taro

Taro appears in a live-action Dr. Slump themed commercial for GU clothing store. In the commercial he is standing next to Peasuke in front of the Coffee Pot watching Arale transform into an outfit from the store.

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  • According to the cover of Dr. Slump chapter 34, "The Fairy Tale Machine", Taro has been smoking since he was five years old.
  • The gun Taro uses in Dragon Ball is a snub-nosed .357 Colt Python revolver.



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