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"Taopaipai the Assassin" (ころタオパイパイ Koroshiya “Taopaipai”, lit. "The Hitman, "Tao Pai-pai"") is the eighty-fifth chapter in the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows four rectangles each containing a character. The top rectangle shows Goku, then Mercenary Tao, then Bora, and at the bottom Commander Red.


Mercenary Tao kills General Blue with his tounge

Mercenary Tao kills General Blue with his tongue

In the Sacred Land of Korin, after saving Bora's son Upa from Captain Yellow, Goku is given a gift for his kind deed. It turns out to be the Four-Star Dragon Ball, which Goku had been searching for his entire journey. Meanwhile, a frustrated General Blue arrives at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters. The two soldiers who guard the HQ do not recognize Blue, and thus threaten him to leave. In response, Blue easily kills one of the guards by elbowing him into a wall, proving he really is General Blue, much to the other guard's fear, who lets him right into the HQ. In the HQ, Commander Red is talking to the infamous Tao who explains to Red that his fee for an assassination is not cheap. Officer Black, Commander Red's assistant has doubts about Tao's abilities, to which Tao replies if he would like to prove his reputation to be true. Suddenly, General Blue arrives in Red's room, handing him over the Dragon Radar he managed to snatch from Penguin Village. Red congratulates Blue on handing him the radar, but still considers Blue a failure for not retrieving the Dragon Balls themselves. Red, however, offers Blue a deal. If he can defeat Mercenary Tao, he will not be executed for failure. Tao and Blue prepare to have their match, when Tao claims he will defeat Blue only using his tongue. Blue laughs at the idea, as the fight begins. Blue tries to kick Tao, but Tao easily dodges his attacks. Tao keeps to his word, as he kills Blue with his tongue, striking a pressure point on his head, completely shocking Red and Black. After killing Blue, Officer Black gives Tao a photo of Goku, telling him that Goku is his target. Instead of taking a jet, Tao takes one of the Red Ribbon Army Headquarter pillars, and throws it into the sky, riding it to his next destination, to finish Goku.




Differences from the anime

In the anime, Blue uses his telekinesis to try and halt Tao's movement so he can strike a blow. In the manga version, Tao instantly kills Blue with his tongue, not giving Blue time to use his telekinesis.

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