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"Taopaipai at the Brink" (さいタオパイパイ Saigo no Taopaipai, lit. "The End of Tao Pai-pai") is the ninety-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of the chapter shows Goku and Mercenary Tao with intimidating and serious looks on their face.


Mercenary Tao's grenade explodes in his face

Tao's grenade is thrown back and explodes in his own face

“You're going to defeat me, the world's number one hitman, Tao Pai-pai, with your bare hands…!!” Goku says that is right, and Tao Pai-pai keeps talking crap, but Goku tells him to just come on. Tao Pai-pai comes at him again and punches Goku in the face, then kicks Goku backwards. He delivers a hard shot to the gut, and starts pummeling Goku. Tao Pai-pai holds Goku up by the neck as Upa wonders what is wrong with him, and he kicks Goku up into the air. Tao Pai-pai jumps up after him, knocks Goku back into the ground, and dives straight down, kneeing him in the gut.

Tao Pai-pai laughs about his victory, but then Goku stands up smiling, and compliments his work. Tao Pai-pai thinks he is a freak, and Goku says it is time for his counterattack. Goku rushes at him, and delivers a slobber knocking blow to the gut, then chops at each side of Tao Pai-pai's neck with his hands, and kicks Tao Pai-pai in the face, knocking a tooth out. Tao Pai-pai wonders what to do about this, and gets an idea. Tao Pai-pai drops to his knees and begs for forgiveness, and says he will not do bad things anymore. Goku does not know what to do, and looks to Upa, then Tao Pai-pai makes his move. He throws a grenade at Goku, then jumps straight up to avoid it, but Goku just kicks it back up at Tao Pai-pai, and it explodes. Goku and Upa are very excited that Tao Pai-pai has finally been defeated. Goku straps his Nyoi-Bō on his back, and tells Upa to wait here. “I'll definitely gather all of the Dragon Balls to bring your Dad back to life!!!”




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