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Tangtong (唐童たんとん) is the main character in Dragon Boy, Akira Toriyama's prototype work for Dragon Ball.


Tangtong wears a dark gi, and shoes that are similar to those of kid Goku. His hairstyle resembles that of Yamcha. Underneath his shirt are a pair of dragon wings (similar to how Goku has a tail). He also looks strangely like Son Gohan as a Kid.


Like Goku, Tangtong was raised alone with a master, and is therefore very curious about many things, such as females. His personality mirrors that of Goku.




Tangtong lives and trains with his master. One day, he is sent by his master to return the Princess of the Flower Country to her homeland. The princess ran away from a war that has been long decided. His master sent him away with a Dragon Ball, which can produce a dragon on its own, to help him on his journey. Tangtong rescues the princess, who complains a lot.

On their way back to Flower Country, Tangtong and the princess meet a demon called Binyao. He is a shapeshifter who has a limited changing time. At first, he is an enemy, until Tangtong shows him his strength. Binyao befriends them and helps them on their way until they reach a bridge with a robot soldier guarding it. They try to negotiate with the soldier by telling him that the war was long over. When the soldier refused, they got into a fight. The princess got scared during the fight and peed herself. Binyao transformed into a general and relieved the soldier of his duty and they went free, but all the princess cared about was her wet clothes.


Without his wings he was at a disadvantage against the Water Demon, but defeated him quickly using his wings. He possessed enough strength to destroy a rock. He was unable to defeat the Heyun Robot.

Techniques and special abilities[]

  • Flight – Tangtong has the ability to fly with his wings.
  • Ki Transfer - Tangtong can infuse his ki into the Dragon Jewel to call forth a dragon.
  • Ki Sense - Tangtong can sense ki.



  • His name is pronounced たんとん (tanton).
  • His appearance is strangely similiar to Son Gohan as a kid, the son of the character he would eventually become. His hair style is also similar to Yamcha.
  • His name means "China Boy".


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